What is the probability of 0.9 kg of 0.9 kg of premature infants in 26 weeks?

Recently, a video appeared on a popular, and a nurse in the video was piercing a needle with a weight of only 0.9 kg.

It can be seen from the picture that the arm of the premature infant is almost thick and the nurses’ fingers, red and purple, and it looks distressing.When I first saw it, I thought it was a nurse’s intestinal needle. After passing through, I felt wrong and I was back. I was really distressed.

First of all, the nurse is really superb skills and excellent professional skills. Such a thin arm can be tied to the blood vessels, making the baby from suffering more pain. It is really too great. Netizens praised the nurse.

Netizens said that such a thin blood vessels were tied at once. This small blood vessels may not have a thick needle. I was nervous and died.Some netizens said that I dare not touch the child in God. My son was born seven pm, and I felt too small to touch.

Coincidentally, in September 2021, Nantong’s mother was only 26 weeks after pregnancy, but the amniotic fluid suddenly broke!The baby hurried to this world, weighing only 0.9 kg!Because the age and weight of the fetus are too small, all the systems of the baby’s body have not even matured.

Careful medical staff monitor the baby’s blood lipids, liver function, blood sugar, etc. daily, and calculate the baby’s liquid volume, thermal card intake, varicose vein calm support, the proportion of vitamins, amino acids, fat milk, and so on.With careful feeding, the baby’s weight finally achieved a stable growth.

Every daily care of the newborn medical staff strictly performs sterile operations. Even every detail of the skin, the nurse carefully care carefully, for fear that a small skin infection will cause the condition to worsen the condition.In the heating box with constant temperature and humidity, the medical staff created a exclusive "bird’s nest" for her baby, so that she can be more secure.At the same time, everyone also tighten the nerves and always pays attention to the baby’s breathing, heart rate, body temperature, etc., and the small changes in each data on the guardians affect people’s hearts.

After so many, the slow -growing baby can finally successfully leave the oxygen and ventilator, and can enter the milk to meet the needs of growth. There is no need for intravenous nutrition. The weight has also increased to about 5 pounds.The embrace.Go home and reunite with your family to live the first Mid -Autumn Festival in life.

Let us feel the tenacity of life again. Here I wish the baby, peaceful, and healthy grew up.

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