What is the same?What are hints?The doctor gives the answer

What is the cause of the secretions of women’s vagina and what is the cause of foam?

For women, what does the vagina secrete different colors or different smells of leucorrhea?Come and listen to the answer given by the doctor.

Each woman’s vagina has more or less secretions sticking to the underwear almost every day or every week.

Since the development of women’s entering adolescence, the advent of the first tide, the development of the chest indicates that the girl is about to become a woman.

But some small knowledge about leucorrhea needs to be known in advance.

It is normal for women to excrete some white secretions from vagina, but if the white secretions are still foaming, they need to pay attention.

This may be caused by the imbalance of the flora environment parasitic inside the vagina.

For some women with frequent sexual life, their vaginal secretions will be more, and the secretions are thin and have a fishy smell.

In fact, this situation also comes from the unbalanced flora in the vagina. If you find this, you need to go to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment as soon as possible to avoid delaying the best treatment time.

Some women may think that flora imbalances are not a big deal, but if you know that if you are in an unbalanced state for a long time, the immune system and security system inside the vagina will be damaged, resulting in some bacteria or fungal viruses easily.Can infect the vagina.

Therefore, women who have not treated the internal flora in the vagina for a long time are prone to bacterial vaginitis, pain or urinary tract infection during sexual intercourse, etc.

Severely affects children, causing abortion, cervical cancer, etc.

So what is normal leucorrhea?Some women may have only seen their leucorrhea in their lives, so there is no way to accurately judge whether their leucorrhea is normal.

Speaking of the word leucorrhea, everyone’s first impression may be white or transparent viscous, and also bristles a little brushed liquid.

But this is not the case. We judge whether the health of your leucorrhea can be judged from two indicators: the first indicator is the consistency, and the second indicator is color.

There are many factors that affect these two indicators. For example, whether it is in menstrual period, whether there is a recent sex life, or even drinking water will affect the state of leucorrhea.

First of all, from the perspective of viscosity, leucorrhea is generally divided into a complete liquid, slightly thick, thick, accompanied by node blocks, and killing into solids.

Complete liquid and slightly thick state are normal.

The difference in these two states may be related to how much water drinking.

The thickness is also accompanied by the clump because some secretions are too thick, resulting in the knots, so don’t worry too much.

And the solid leucorrhea is usually dried on the underwear to appear.

Secondly, from the perspective of color, the color of leucorrhea can be divided into nine different colors.

The first is white. Generally speaking, white secretions are relatively healthy, because white secretions look like most vaginals.

But if the vagina or vulva is used to secrete white with a bubble discharge, it is accompanied by itching and tingling.

It may be a fungal infection or a bacterial infection. This is the vaginal secretion that releases the signs of help from you. You need to treat it as soon as possible.

The second color is milk yellow, which is a bit like animal cream because it is not completely white.

If you appear this color, you don’t need to worry too much. It may be because the water is drinking less. Just like urine, it will appear yellow if you drink less water.

The third color is transparent, looks like egg white, sticky can be brushed, and it is more like glue.

The transparent secretions represent that women are in the ovulation period, and ovulation period is the best period of pregnancy. Therefore, at this time, the leucorrhea will be secreted more. In fact, it is also laid a better swimming track for sperm.

The fourth color is brown, and the color of this secretion usually appears on the first day to the second day after the end of the holiday.

The brown discharge appears because the epidermis of the vagina itself has winding folds. When the menstrual blood passes through the vagina, there will be some blood obstruction.

Therefore, on the first day or the next day after the aunt’s period, there will be some brown secretions.

Generally, girls with aunt towels will have such a situation. If they are a girl with cotton strips, this will not appear.

Because the principle of cotton strips is to suck blood directly at the cervical mouth, there is no step in the vaginal folds of the blood flow through the blood flow.

The fifth color is pink secretions. Do not think that the pink secretion is beautiful and cute.

In fact, this pink or light pink secretion is not a good thing.

Because this represents a wound inside in the process of sexual behavior, resulting in a little bit of blood wire along the secretion.

You don’t have to worry too much about this situation. You can observe for a few days first.

Under normal circumstances, our body’s immune system and immune cells will automatically repair these wounds, but if this situation has been existed for several days or even a week, and it is itchy and unexpected, we need to go to the hospital to see a doctor in time to see the doctor.It’s right.

The sixth color is red, and the first reaction of red secretions appears is to come on vacation.Indeed, when the gemstone and the secretions and the secretions are used for the routine holiday, the flowing out is indeed red.

But there is another special case of the secretion that is red, that is, bleeding occurs during ovulation.

The days when ovulation bleeding is usually during the ovulation period, that is, the first five days and four days of ovulation day, a small amount of bleeding will occur during this period, and it will usually last for one to three days.

This situation does not have to be too nervous. It may be that the mental stress is too large recently, the rest is not good or long -term diet.

However, if the amount of bleeding is large during the ovulation period, and during the next menstrual cycle, the pervasive ovulation period is still bleeding.

And accompanied by backache, stomach pain, breast pain, etc., you need to go to the doctor.

The seventh color is yellow -green secretion, which looks like green leaves or matcha colors.

While this secretion appears, it is accompanied by the vaginal itching and stench. If the urine is still painful, you need to go to the hospital for examination.

This situation may be that women have experienced trichomonal vaginitis, pelvic inflammatory disease and cervicitis.

The eighth color is green, and there are bubbles or foam.

While this secretion appears, women’s bodies will be accompanied by various discomfort.This is also caused by bacterial infection or inflammation of the vagina and cervix.

If the secretion is grass -green and the viscosity is relatively high, the shape is thinly foam or purulent, and it is probably caused by trichomonal vaginitis if it is rotten.

However, if the secretion is green, the state presented is not foam -like, but tofu -like, which may be the vulvar vaginal fake silk yeast disease.

In short, no matter what kind of disease, doctors need to conduct professional examinations to judge.

Moreover, different methods of treatment need to be treated with different diseases, so you must not be provided by yourself. Reasonable medication can be used in accordance with the guidance of the doctor to get more medicine to get sick.

The ninth color is a gray and gray secretion, which looks like the color of the dust. At this time, it must be paid attention to.

When the gray is thick or foam -like secretions, the vulva is itchy, burning and smelly, it may be that vaginitis may appear. Be sure to find the doctor for diagnosis and treatment as soon as possible.

The three most common vaginitis in women is moldy vaginitis, bacterial vaginitis and trichomonas vaginitis.

First of all, the manifestation of fungal vaginitis is the appearance of white tofu. It is a relatively thin state. It is sticky and smelly.

At the same time, mold vaginitis is the most uncomfortable of three vaginitis, because after suffering from mold vaginitis, the whole person is a itching and unbearable.

Itching and difficult to resist this word specifically manifested as after cleaning, it is still itchy, and it still itchy after catching.

Whether it is eating, sleeping, work, it is itchy to scratch the liver anytime, so it is a very painful thing to get fungal vaginitis.

It is recommended that once you feel itching and find the "tofu dregs" on the panties, go to the gynecological number immediately.

Secondly, bacterial vaginitis is a gray secretion. The color is like the color of Wang Zhihe’s stinky tofu soup, and it is accompanied by a fishy smell and medium degree of itching.

This smell is like going to the seafood market, the smell of the stinky fish and rotten shrimp.

And after getting bacterial vaginitis, the most sad thing is not itching, but the lingering odor.

Because the taste is too strong, even after cleaning, it will float into the nose after a while, and it is a level that can be smelled just sitting in a chair, so it is very troublesome.

The last one is trichomonas vaginitis. The secretion of this vaginitis is green or yellow -green, and it also has bubbles.

Because trichomonians sometimes destroy the mucosa inside the vagina, the secretions we see may also have a little bloodshot.

The important basis for judging whether you are a trichomonas vaginitis also observe whether you have frequent urination.

Trichomonas vaginitis can also be transmitted to the partner. The characteristics of the two people are itching, pain, burning sensation and edema.

For women’s health, the most important thing is to often observe their underwear and body.

Because once there are any diseases, it can be judged from some different situations, such as leucorrhea.

In addition to judging from the color of the leucorrhea, the amount of leucorrhea, and the viscosity of leucorrhea, we need to pay attention to these five words: red swelling, hot pain.

Almost all the diseases are inseparable from these five words, so while judging your leucorrhea, you also need to pay attention to whether itching, redness, fever, and pain.

In general, when we are observing our leucorrhea, it is worth noting that when there are white bubbles, green, gray and red and pink.

When the white bubble, gray and green leucorrhea appear, go to the doctor in time.

When you find red or pink leucorrhea, you can observe it first to see if this happens in the next days.

In fact, our body is still very powerful, and the vagina also has a strong self -healing function. Many diseases or small wounds can be healed by themselves, so there is no need to worry too much.

However, if there is still a red or pink leucorrhea in the next day, and it is accompanied by various discomfort symptoms, such as itching, redness and pain, you need to go to a gynecologist for diagnosis and treatment in time.

At this time, it may not be a simple small wound, but the real disease is coming.

So have you observed your leucorrhea in front of the screen?Or do you have any experience in judging different white belts?Welcome to leave a message in the comment area.

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