What is the situation of the child’s belly button in 8 months?Do you need treatment, how to treat it?

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What is the situation of the 8 -month -old child’s belly button protruding?

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Do you need to go to the hospital for treatment?How to treat it?

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Hello, from the picture, it is a pediatric umbilical hernia, which can be observed within 2 years old.

One of the risks of umbilical hernia is that the intestinal canal is embedded and necrotic. If you find that children are crying, poor mental, milk, diarrhea, and even bloody stools, black stools, and seek medical treatment in time.

Usually you can use the umbilical hernia band to press the mass, pay attention to the umbilical hygiene.

Umbilical hernias still exist after the age of 2, and surgery needs to be considered.

Umbilical hernias are congenital development defects, which may occur in children and adults, and they are more common in infants and young children, especially premature babies.

The umbilical cord was originally a passage between the fetus and the mother, which passed nutrition and metabolic waste through this channel.

The inner diagram of the umbilical hernia, a hidden hole

After the fetus was born, the umbilical cord was cut off, and the "broken" channel became the weakest part of the belly. Just like the tires of the tire were broken, the inner tires were bulging out from time to time.This is the umbilical hernia.

Most of the hernia content of umbilical hernias is a large large omentum. As long as the child does not cry, laughs, does not cough, and the belly is not allowed, it can be retracted by itself. Generally, there will be no pain and uncomfortable.

However, there are very few huge umbilical hernias that are small intestines, and small intestine stuck and necrosis may occur.

Most of the umbilical hernias may heal before the age of 2.If you are over 2 years old, you can fill in the umbilical hernia with a good effect.

There are also some parents sewing a one -dollar coin in the cloth belt, which happened to be pressed on the navel, and the effect was good.

It should be noted that the umbilical hernia with a diameter is greater than 2 cm, and the possibility of self -healing is small.At this time, we must consider performing surgery to repair the umbilical hernia and make the truth with the tire.

When girls are more than 3 years old, surgery is recommended regardless of the size of the umbilical hernia.Because the girl grows up, her belly becomes larger, or she is fat, and the umbilical hernia is easy to recur. At that time, it was troublesome to deal with it.

Foreign literature reports that the incidence and mortality of the incidence and mortality are higher than that of the inguinal hernia.

The traditional surgical method of umbilical hernia is the surgery. Tie up with a thread at the root of the hernia sac, and then use the tissue, fascia, and muscle to strengthen the abdominal wall.

However, there is now a relatively minimally invasive method. Under the monitoring of laparoscopy, the hernia sac is tied up with a needle in the belly and reinforced.

Laparoscopic hernia repair

This method has small wounds, small scars, and recovery quickly.

However, all surgical methods are like tires and may recur.

Let’s remind you that one of the risk of umbilical hernias is the intestinal tube embedded and necrotic. If you find that children are crying, poor mental, milk, diarrhea, and even blood, and black stools, they should seek medical treatment in time.


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