What is the stomach pain in the early pregnancy?If you know one more knowledge, you will make less mistakes

Human body structure is very wonderful, and it can be metaphorized to work in a methodically work in a way to ensure our daily actions.Women’s pregnancy is equivalent to a "big factory" of the body to make a comprehensive transformation at a time to prepare for the baby’s birth.

Therefore, the mother will feel the change little by little after pregnancy. Some belong to the normal signs, but some are uneasy signals. How to distinguish it? What is the cause of the mother’s stomach pain in the early pregnancy in the early pregnancy today?caused.

I hope that mothers can have a certain understanding of their bodies after watching, restlessness, and baby can be born safely to this world.

1. Normal early pregnancy changes

After pregnancy, in order to catch up with the development of the embryo, the mother’s uterus will increase rapidly, the pelvic cavity is in the state of bleeding, and the ligament muscles will stretch accordingly.Some authoritative agencies said that there may be mild spasm on one or sides of the waist when the uterus changes.

Some mothers can feel the pain when they came to the aunt before, which are normal physiological changes, and the degree of pain is within the scope of tolerable.As long as you rest, as early pregnancy reaction is reduced, abdominal pain will be relieved.

Second, fertilized eggs bed

6 to 12 days after "exercise", once the fertilized egg is attached or entered the uterine wall, it will cause the endometrium to shrink.Some mothers will feel the lower abdomen slightly spasm or soreness. This situation will last for 1 to 3 days, and even the lower body is slightly bleeding, which is normal.

Third, ectopic pregnancy

Note: If the expectant mothers continue to pain or severe pain on the side of the lower abdomen, accompanied by the symptoms of lower body bleeding, it may be ectopic pregnancy, and you need to go to the hospital for B -ultrasound immediately.

Ectopic pregnancy means that the fertilized eggs are not attached to the uterus normally, but instead stay in a "error" area such as fallopian tubes.This kind of pregnancy method is large. Once the rupture causes acute bleeding, mothers will feel nausea, accelerate heartbeat, and even syncope shock.

Fourth, yolk sac

Before the development of the placenta in the early pregnancy, a kind of eggcum sac will provide the fetus with the required nutrients.This yolk is also called luteal cyst, which can cause waist spasm after twisting or rupture.This cyst is formed by the spots on the breast, and the spots on the breast are released by the fertilized eggs in the process of entering the uterus.

Five, threatened abortion

According to a survey by the US pregnancy, 15% -20% of pregnant women have abortion in the early pregnancy.The symptoms of miscarriage include back pain, colic and falling pain in the abdomen, which is even worse than dysmenorrhea, and is also accompanied by a small amount of bleeding.

In the early pregnancy of mothers, mothers should pay more attention to rest, not exercise violently, not to mention it.If the pain is not alleviated, it will become more and more intense, and you must seek medical treatment immediately.

At this time, some soil methods that raise your lower body to try to "return" are also lacking scientific basis.If the embryo flows off due to defects, in fact, this is also a cruel "physical selection". Moms should not be too sad, raise their bodies and actively prepare for pregnancy.

6. Gastrointestinal disease

Pregnancy will cause various abdominal pain related to digestion, including heartache, constipation, pressure of uterine growth, and qi pain.Increased hormonal secretion will slow down digestion, and it is normal for mild digestive system diseases.

In addition, hydatidus also makes mothers feel stomach pain. Generally, it is paroxysmal lower abdominal pain, and the abdomen is painful or dull pain. In addition to abdominal pain with appenditis, pregnancy may be accompanied by nausea and vomiting fever.

Although they are all pain, there are various reasons. Xiaobian deeply feels that the doctors are not easy.Abdominal pain can be light or heavy. In order to endanger the baby, pregnant women should keep in touch with the medical staff, especially if the pain is too long or intensified, and inquire about the pain in time.

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