What is the way to stop and relieve itching below

The following is very itchy. Generally, the vulva is scrubbed by dehumidifying itching and itching solution, and the local vagina ointment can be used to achieve itching.However, this is a general itching, and the cause is not found. The use of such drugs blindly wipes, which may become heavier and heavier.

Under normal circumstances, itching below can detect whether there are inflammatory diseases with some secretions.If it is simple itching and no other symptoms, it is necessary to consider itching of vulva skin.

The itching under the woman is severe, it is difficult to settle, or the number of increments, it is "itching".Traditional Chinese medicine believes that most of the causes and diseases are inadequate liver and kidney, and external evil poisoning invades, and damp -humid insects, which cause itching of vulva.

The common types of Chinese medicine are as follows, everyone can refer to the right reference:

1. Liver meridian itching

Internal injuries, hurting the five internal organs, the liver qi stagnation is not smooth, the humid heat accumulates, the flowing is burnt, and the insects are long for a long time.It can also be caused by infection and dampness and heat due to poor intercourse.

Patients with this evidence will perceive the itching of the genitals, sitting hard to settle, the skin of the vulva is rough, there are traces after scratching, the amount is large, the color is yellow, and the smell is smelly.It is also accompanied by restlessness, abdominal pain, bloating, bitter mouth, and loss of appetite.The rule is based on clearing heat and dampness, killing insecticides and itching. The commonly used prescriptions are dragon diarrhea liver soup.

Second, liver and kidney yin deficiency type itching

Patients are weak, or after childbirth, or excessive intercourse, or weakness, kidney qi deficiency.The fluid is injured, the liver and kidney yin and blood loss, the ginseng is dry, and the pussy is not affordable. Itching is difficult.

This certificate shows that the pussy itching is severe, there is a clear sense of burning, the night is worse, the color is light, and the skin is rough.There are also dizzy, tinnitus, hot, sweating, palpitations, soft limbs, and less red tongue.The rule is to nourish the kidneys and nourish the kidneys, and to clear the liver and relieve itching. The commonly used prescriptions Zhibai Dihuang Decoction can be taken internally or washed.

The local itching and painful pain. While taking the Chinese medicine treatment internal medicine, you should also pay attention to the local diseases. Do not shy, do not know the medical treatment, use vulva smoking, internal medication method, internal and external treatment, which is beneficial to itching as soon as possible.Rehabilitation.

The above is the relevant introduction of "There is any way to stop itching below". There are more skin problems and can leave a message below.

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