What kind of psychological pressure did she withstand the 16 -year -old girl in Zhaotong in Yunnan?

Recently, the news of a 16 -year -old girl in Zhaotong, Yunnan, who gave birth to a child in the school dormitory, attracted people’s attention.How did a 16 -year -old girl pregnant?What are the unknown secrets behind?

According to the parties, when she was in the sixth grade of elementary school, she took Cai Moumou’s van to school. Cai Moumou was a classmate’s father. On the way, Cai Moumou had a relationship with her.Since then, it has been violated three times.She didn’t know that she would be pregnant, and she didn’t know that she was pregnant until her belly became big.She was very scared, but didn’t dare to tell others.

Girls’ brother said that the school said that she did not find that she was pregnant because she was wearing a large school uniform, so she did not see the signs of signs and information. There was no abnormality in the physical education class, and the physical labor of her family was also carried out normally.Afterwards, the school arranged a separate ward for girls and bought something to visit her.

On May 6, the girl’s brother reported the police. On the 25th, the Zhenxiong County Public Security Bureau reported that the suspect Cai Moumou had been taken for criminal detention measures.

Some netizens said that many rural families have always been taboo for sex education for girls. They are embarrassed to tell their children, and children do not understand.So even if the girl encountered violations, she did not understand what was going on, and did not know to take contraceptive measures.Whenever there is a little common sense, it will not be pregnant.

In addition, let girls know that being infringed is not their own fault, but the sin of the victim.If you say it as soon as possible and call the police in time, there will be no one after another.This should be common sense and the consensus of the whole society. Don’t make the victims ashamed!

As for some people questioning, how could the big belly could not see in school?It may be related to human constitution, there are not obvious, until the birth is slightly convex, similar to the stomach of the stomach. Some pregnant women go to the street to give birth to the child on the street, and there are also born to the toilet.

What kind of psychological pressure does this poor child bear?And carried all the grievances and fear, and the discomfort of reaction during pregnancy, there was no missing class, how did physical education classes stick to it?Everyone should give care and encouragement!Don’t expose the scars!As parents and teachers, we must pay attention to their children’s psychological and physical changes, take care of minors, and do not let them hurt.

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