What preparation should "first"?I suggest watching with your boyfriend

After the college entrance examination is over, some consultations from the "first" DOI sent by the children’s shoes will be received one after another ~

While children’s shoes are holding expectations, they have a lot of concerns.

"Will the apricot behavior before the marriage let yourself fall the price?"

"Should he give him the first time?"

"Is the hymen important?"

"What should I do if the performance is not good?"


Generally speaking, boys are more worried about [how to perform is not like the first time], girls are more worried about [should you "give" your first time before marriage] and [the first each time each time] and [the first time each timeUnwilling]

In fact, these concerns and anxiety are based on sexual concepts and unscientific sexual knowledge with social prejudice!

If you have these questions, let’s take a look with us!

”~ Let’s" get "our doi set first


1. The lubricant does not choose oily, which will damage the sleeve

2. Read the instruction manual of the use sleeve carefully. Don’t use it anymore. You must not use it together.

Whether you are the first time!No matter when you decide to start!No matter who you are with!

You must follow your own heart!The most important thing is to ensure that you are voluntary and are willing to be responsible for what may happen in the future.

Maybe you will break up in the future, maybe you can go on, but no matter what the result is, you must not choose to sacrifice yourself in order to get love and guard a love!

Only "you" as the main body of thinking, ask your own heart, or not want to communicate in depth with TA, instead of thinking about "the first time" should you give TA.

Only if you are willing and enjoy your "first time", you will not regret it in the future!

Before we, we wrote a "Girl, your first time should not be" giving "out", and the still tangled Jimei can go to this article!

Although most boys ‘shoes do not have any concerns in this area, they still have to remind the boys’ shoes:

The first time is not shameful than other children’s shoes!This is not the game, the most important thing is to follow your heart!Remember not to hurt others in order to get rid of the identity of the virgin!

Will "the first" bleed?

Most women "first" will not bleed!It is ridiculous to test the body with falling red!

The hymen is a connective tissue with a very good elasticity and a hole in itself. If it is not that the woman is too young, the hymen is thicker, or the man is too rude, the hymen can maintain its integrity.

In addition, there are some girls who have no hymen, or accidental injuries due to exercise, trauma, etc.

And the amount of hymen rupture and bleeding varies from person to person. Some people have a small amount of bleeding, and it is basically difficult to find after mixing with love liquid.

Will "the first time" hurt?

Not necessarily hurt ~

However, because of the first time without experience, and with my own nervousness, the probability of [Scaring] will be more likely!

Yes, you did n’t hear it right. It ’s scared that it’ s hard to yourself!

The nervous emotions will affect the arbitration of the apricot, which makes the secretion of love liquid insufficient, and the dryness of the shade causes pain.

What’s more scared into [Yin Dao spasm], which leads to the closure of the shade.At this time, forcibly entering will not only feel severe pain, but also causes the shade to tear, bleeding!

Therefore, girls, if you are ready to open your "first time", then relax your nervous emotions and make full lubrication, even if there is pain, it is within the scope that can be tolerated.

Will "the first" be pregnant?

Even if "just can’t get in" is a chance of pregnancy!

Men will have urinary gonad and prostate fluid before the snake essence, which will contain a small amount of sperm. These sperm are enough to cause pregnancy!

Therefore, girls must not take their own health as a bet!Please protect yourself, take contraceptive measures, and use condoms correctly!

The probability of the first time will fail. Do a good job of psychological expectations, don’t doubt yourself!

Remember to bring a few more condoms, in case of mistakes, reversal, damaged, or … to prepare from time to time!

Doi is a matter of two people. We must communicate more, communicate more, and find a way to make both people comfortable!

Reminder boys’ shoes, girls said that don’t just don’t, don’t do it forcibly!

Finally, I hope that children’s shoes can follow their hearts and make this decision voluntarily and carefully!

Be sure to bring a sleeve all the way!Intersection(The old mother is like a snoring …)

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