What should girls look like?How to judge whether it is healthy?There are 3 standards


There is a saying on the Internet: Don’t mess with those creatures that are still good at each other monthly blood.

Although it is a joke, it also warns girls not to be angry for a long time, showing the characteristics of the girl’s emotional changes quickly.

So do we really understand our bodies as girls?Or do you need other precautions in addition to normal care as a girl in daily life?

Just like whether you know the hygiene of private parts, you need to clean. Do you know how to judge that it is healthy?How to take care of it?

As a girl, how to take the "small garden" correctly in daily life?

1. Pay attention to living habits

The first is to strengthen the awareness of self -protection and pay attention to the maintenance of private parts in daily life.

For example, underwear should be cleaned separately from other clothing, and underwear should be cleaned separately. It is best to have your own cleaning underwear basin.

Washing the pots and towels of the private parts must be dedicated to the special person, and the towels should be boiled and disinfected regularly.Try to avoid sitting for a long time when wearing clothes in summer.

2. Washing liquid maintenance

Studies have shown that more than half of women use the use of solution to maintain private parts.Girls try to wash the "small garden" every day. When there are itching and odor, they can choose some washing fluid with Chinese medicine composition.

3. Cleaning order

When cleaning, wash your hands first, then wash it in the order from before to the back, then wash your underwear, and finally wash your feet.

During the physiological period, due to the low immunity, it is best to choose a shower and wash it with warm water to reduce the chance of bacterial infection.

The pussy of normal childbearing age refers to women’s perineal, also known as vulva.

The area of the area is four weeks of pubic hair, including the bulge of the loud meat on the top is called the pussy, and the sexual excitement part at the top is called the clitoris.

From the time of adolescence, the pussy parts have grown up the pubic hair distributed by the inverted triangle. The density and color of pubic hair have race and individual differences. Generally, the Han people are black.

"Little Garden" and "Little Sister" are usually described to describe the private parts of girls.

Putting aside the obscure and difficult term, the structure of the "Xiaoyuan Garden" is simply like a fruit -avocado.

The labia minora is a pair of lip -shaped tissue around the vaginal opening, like a blooming flower.Under normal circumstances, the labia majora is located on the inside of the large labia, with two sides of the left and right.

"The most ideal state" is a willow -shaped shape with a sizes.Most girls’ labia majoras are asymmetric.

Four fruits can be used to describe the shape of the vulva: water droplets (strawberries), horseshoe -shaped (papaya), closed -shaped (lemon) and fat (grapefruit).

It represents that the large labia is thinner, and the labia minora is longer than the large labia, which forms water droplets; the large labia minora is like two large brackets; the labia minora is completely wrapped in the labia minora; the pussy looks more full in appearance and has no obvious features.

The inside of the large labia on both sides is a pair of thin skin mucosa.

The surface is moist, brown, and hairless, rich in nerve endings, and the front end of the labia lings on both sides is fused. The foreskin on the front end of the clitoris is located below the top of the labia, and its head is exposed to the vulva.

The outer mouth of the urethra is located below the clitoris, and the vaginal mouth is located behind the outer mouth of the urethra.

There is a round hole and crescent hole in the middle of the hymen of asexual life. A few are sieved or umbrella -shaped. After the labia minora is closed, the labia minora is in the middle to form a pair of labia skin mucosa.

After talking about the structure of the "small garden", let’s talk about how to judge whether the "small garden" is healthy, there are three criteria for judgment.

1. vaginal symptoms

Girls will secrete a large amount of leucorrhea during ovulation. The vaginalic is composed of cervical glands and vaginal mucosa exudate.Under normal circumstances, leucorrhea should present an egg white -like transparent shape.

If abnormal abnormalities such as increased secretions, bubbles, itching of external causes, or pain in urination or sexual intercourse like tofu residue, you should be alert to vaginitis.

2. vaginal firming

Women’s vaginal walls are mainly composed of fiber layers, muscle layers and mucosa, with about 9 cm.

There are many ligaments and muscles nearby to maintain tension.The tightness of the mucosa affects the pleasure of sexual life.

Girls will relax the vagina during pregnancy, but they will return to normal after three months.

If the symptoms of urinary incontinence occur, consider the vaginal relaxation, the problem of the recovery period, and the firming of the private parts will be reduced, which is an unhealthy manifestation.

3. Temperature

Mainly, the feelings of girls during the life of husband and wife are even more obvious.

For example, due to the effects of progesterone and estrogen, the vagina will have a large amount of love liquid with lubrication effect during sex, and it can ensure a certain humidity.

If you feel that the vagina is too dry and it will cause sexual pain, it is difficult to produce sexual pleasure.

This is the "small garden" alarm, please go to the hospital!

The daily maintenance of the "small garden" is closely related to every girl. Only when the "small garden" is healthy, the girl’s body will be healthier.

Studies have shown that 80%-90%of women suffer from gynecological inflammation.Therefore, in daily life, we must care more about loving girls and start from caring for everyone’s mother.

Do you think about the three criteria for judging the health of private parts in front of the screen?Welcome to leave a message in the comment area to leave your footprint.

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