What should I do if anal fissure pain bleeding?How to prevent anal fissure from worsening?

Red Net Moment News August 10th (Correspondent Shu Li) Anal fissure is a common anorectal disease, which refers to the rupture or tearing of the skin of the anal canal. In short, a crack appears on the anal canal.Many people in life accidentally cause anal fissure due to dry stools and too hard bowel movements. Because the anal fissures are in the anus, the human body needs to defecate every day.It will be stretched or torn again, and the pollution of the stool can easily lead to infection and ulcer, and aggravate the condition.So what should I do after suffering from anal fissure?

Zhang Shuhong, a physician of Changsha Dongda Anorectal Hospital, said that those who have a whole layer of the anal canal skin in medicine crack and form infectious ulcers are called anal fissures.The main clinical manifestations of anal fissure are theoremal periodic pain, bleeding and constipation.Because the anal fissure can cause defecation pain, some patients are often delayed, endured, and stool because they are afraid of pain. As a result, they further aggravate constipation, which will lead to recurrence of anal fissure and aggravate the condition.Therefore, to prevent the anal fissure from aggravating, the following points should be done:

1. Pay attention to diet

Patients with anal fissure should usually pay attention to drink plenty of water to ensure that there is enough water in the intestine, soft and soft, and will not cause great stimulation to the wound.At the same time, eat more fresh fruits, vegetables and crude fiber foods in the diet. Try to avoid eating some spicy foods, so as not to stimulate anal fissure and affect its healing.

2. Keep anal cleaning and hygiene

Anal fissure is the damage to the skin of the anal canal. If the damaged surface is fresh and clean, the wound will heal faster. Therefore, it is important to keep the anus clean and hygiene.Patients with anal fissure should be cleaned in time to wash the anus in time, change the underwear frequently to prevent infection. At the same time, pay attention to the dressing should not be too tight, avoiding the blood circulation that affects the local perianal, and delay the healing of the wound.

3. Keep the stool unobstructed

To develop the habit of daily stool defecation, you have to row in time with your stools. Do not endure your stools. If you have difficulty stool, you can take the laxative properly to make the stool soft and lubricated and keep the stool unobstructed.

4, warm water sitting bath

Patients with anal fissure can take warm water 1 or 2 times a day. Bathing can relax the anal sphincter, reduce pain, improve local blood circulation, promote the absorption of inflammation, and help the healing of the wound of the anal fissure.

5. Increase physical exercise

Appropriate exercise every day can promote gastrointestinal motility, improve pelvic congestion, prevent constipation, and help the healing of anal fissure.

Changsha Dongda Anorectal Hospital reminds that anal fissure is very common in life. Once anal fissures occur, they should intervene in time. If life conditioning cannot be relieved, seek medical treatment in time, and treat the anal fissure from recurrence under the guidance of a doctor to prevent repeated anal fissure. Finally,Forming old anal fissures, increasing their own pain and treatment difficulty.

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