What should I do if brown secretions occur during pregnancy?Listen to the experience of people, so you can know it

Today, my friend called me and said that her sister was pregnant for 6 weeks and suddenly bleed.I asked her what the specific situation was, and she said that she was similar to when the aunt was about to be gone. It was not clean, not much, and the color was particularly dark, similar to brown.I said that this is not the same as when I was pregnant. In the early days, brown -brown secretions told her that they told my cousin not too nervous. Many people would have this situation in the early pregnancy, which is generally okay.

Looking back, I really understand the feeling of my heart, because I have experienced it, and I still twice.Once at about 7 weeks, it was about 13 weeks. Every time I went to the bathroom, I wiped it over and over again.But there is no more, the heart can be put back into the stomach a little bit.

In fact, when I first learned that when I was pregnant, my girlfriend had given me a prevention needle, saying that she and her friends had a brown secretion problem, telling me that if I did n’t have to be afraid, I might be a fetus in bed blood in bed blood.It usually flows for about 3 days, and it is okay. Their children were born smoothly.

But when I really met, I was really not as calm in imagination.

For the first time, the brown secretion appeared at 7 weeks of pregnancy. I remember that it was Friday. I suddenly felt uncomfortable when I went to work. I found that there was blood on the underwear on the bathroom.Yes, it was frightened at the time.When they went back, they were nervous and didn’t know if they wanted to go to the hospital?Then I made a phone call to the hospital where my girlfriend often checked. There was a very good attitude. I suggest I lie down and rest first, and then go to a B -ultrasound after 8 weeks.More panic.I did n’t go to the hospital for the reason why I did n’t go to the hospital immediately, because I approved the B -ultrasound for 8 weeks before, and it was coming soon.

Then I started various online checks on the Internet myself. There are all suggestions for how to recommend. Many statements are threatened and aborted. Later, I saw an article.Suitable herself will choose to be eliminated. On the contrary, he will be fine and believe in your baby.

Then he called a friend who had been born. She said that a famous old doctor told her that if there was a problem in the initial initial, he would naturally choose to eliminate it.natural selection.

Finally hesitated and decided to rest at home for two days, and then go to the hospital for examination for 8 weeks of pregnancy. In those two days, I was absolutely bed. I did n’t go to the bathroom except for the bathroom.It’s almost motionless. Except for eating and going to the toilet, I have been lying on my own. I can’t play with my mobile phones. I am particularly troubled. Every time I go to the bathroom, I look forward to not flowing, but I am disappointed every time.After flowing, walking out of bed feels stiff.

The second occurred around 13 weeks. At that time, NT had not been done, and the pregnancy examination was fine. There was no warning. Although it was once, it was still nervous.

At that stage, she was paying attention to a blogger. She married a foreigner, and her husband’s brother and cousin were well -known obstetricians and gynecologists. She happened to be very low in the early stages of pregnancy.Domestic doctors suggested that she immediately take luteumone to protect the fetus, and her brother and cousin both called her to send a message saying that it was not recommended to do this.The method of tires does not have enough data to support it. It is effective to do so. They only recommend pregnant women to rest in bed, but that blogger wants children too much. There is a way to try.Many medicines, the buttocks of the needle can’t push the needle, but she persisted for three months. After many times, she finally saw the fetal heart and fetal buds. Finally, she said that she didn’t know whether she was her firm belief and played a role.It is still successful to protect the fetus. In short, the result is good, and the baby is born safely.

Then I didn’t go to the hospital again.There is always a voice in my heart that a firm voice said: "Babies are healthy, don’t worry." Then I just caught up with the weekend.God is gone.

Later, I also summarized the reason:

1. Tired, not to rest well

At that time, I was very busy at work, and it was just a quarter node. I need to report a lot of data. I was so busy at this time when I was not pregnant.Although I was thinking about relaxing, I was negligent when I was busy.And there are a few of them to run every day, and the whole is tired.

2. I have a different ovarian twins with higher risks.

In terms of the twins itself, the chances of various conditions during pregnancy are also relatively high, and it is more likely to have problems.

Most vaginal bleeding should be seen in normal pregnancy.Whether it is an ectopic pregnancy or a natural miscarriage, the essential problem of the phenomenon of bleeding during pregnancy is on the endometrium. Remember that you are bleeding during pregnancy or your child is not bleeding.Even if you have bleeding, you do n’t need to worry about your ectopic pregnancy, you do n’t need to worry about your fetal heart.

The above are personal experiences. You can refer to it. If you are not allowed or flow too much, it is recommended to go to the hospital. Don’t resist it.

In addition, I think the most important thing during pregnancy is to maintain a happy mood. Believe in yourself and believe that your baby will definitely be safe and smooth. Come on, everyone will give birth to a healthy baby safely.

———– The end ————–

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