What should I do if edema, hemorrhoids, and constipation after pregnancy?Don’t worry, these methods are absolutely easy to use

I received a message from the Bao Mom before, saying that several small problems during pregnancy made themselves miserable. Today, in October, I came to give you a trick to help everyone easily spend pregnancy.

Bao Ma A: Constod

October bacteria: After pregnancy, intestinal peristalsis and intestinal tone weaken, extended time of emptiness, water absorption by intestinal walls, coupled with increasing the compression of the lower end of the pregnancy of the uterine and fetal first exposure, often cause constipation.

Pregnant mothers can drink a cup of boiling water in the morning, eat more vegetables and fruits with more digestive and dietary fiber, exercise appropriately, develop a good habit of defecation on time, can use lactose sugar, and have no effect on the fetus under the treatment dose. Use Kaisai properly.Disable laxatives and enema.

Bao Ma B: Hemorrhoids

October bacteria: increased uterus during pregnancy or constipation caused the hemorrhoidal vein to be blocked, causing rectal vein pressure to rise

Pregnant mothers should eat more fruits and vegetables, eat less spicy food to improve constipation, relieve pain and swelling caused by hemorrhoids

Bao Ma C: Low back pain

October fungus: The joint ligament of the joint during pregnancy is relaxed.

When resting, the waist and back pillow can relieve pain. If necessary, you should rest in bed and apply local hot compresses. If the back pain is obvious, you should go to the hospital in time to find the cause of the cause.

Bao Ma D: Anemia

October fungus: The demand for iron in the middle and late pregnancy is large, and it is obviously not enough to rely on diet. It should start with iron supplement from 4 to 5 months of pregnancy, such as 0.3g of iron sulfate, and take oral anemia once a day.If anemia occurs, the cause should be found, and then supplement (mostly iron deficiency anemia during pregnancy).

Baoma E: lower limb muscle spasm

October fungus: This is the manifestation of calcium deficiency in pregnant mothers. Muscle spasm often occurs in the calf gastroneis muscle. It is common in late pregnancy and often occurs at night. It can be quickly relieved. Pregnant mothers should start calcium supplement in the second trimester.Eat more calcium -rich foods.

Bao Ma f: lower limb edema

October fungus: The pregnant mother often occurs in the mild edema at the ankle and lower half of the calf in the third trimester. Generally, it will fade after rest. It is a normal physiological phenomenon. Take the left side position when sleeping.The blood flow of the lower limbs improves, the edema is reduced, if the lower limb edema is obvious, and the lower limb edema is obvious, and the lower limb edema is obvious, and the lower limb edema is obvious, and the lower limb edema will be obvious, and the lower limb edema shall be considering the combination of kidney diseases, hypoproteinemia, etc.

Bao Ma G: Digestive System discomfort

October bacteria: early pregnancy nausea and vomiting are common. Eat less meals and avoid greasy foods

Vomiting symptoms are severe, which is a pregnancy drama vomiting. You can consult your doctor to take drugs to improve

In addition, due to the movement of the uterus during pregnancy, the stomach content is refluxed to the lower part of the esophagus. In addition, the cardiac sphincter of the gauge in the lower esophagus will cause the stomach burning. Avoid bending and lying peacefully after meals. Proper activity can reduce symptoms or take aluminum hydroxide.Waiting for acid suppression agents.

Do you learn the above methods?What are the discomforts during pregnancy? Remember to leave a message.

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