What should I do if I accidentally contact the rays during pregnancy?

Recently, many pregnant women have been exposed to. Due to the epidemic, pregnant women need to be a new crown in CT CT before they are hospitalized or produced.

Not only during the epidemic, even in the usual week, we will encounter some pregnant women who need to take X -rays or CTs after getting sick, and everyone is worried that the rays will affect the fetus, such as deformity.

Today I will give you a lot of popularity. Under what circumstances, how many rays of contact will be harmful.

First of all, what is radiation?

This is a physical term that is divided into two categories according to its capabilities and the ability to destroy chemical keys: ionizing radiation and non -electrode radiation.

Non -electrostatic radiation energy is weak and has no ability to ionize. For example, electromagnetic waves from electronic devices such as mobile phones, computers, microwave ovens, all belong to this category. So far, related scientific research has not found evidence to prove that non -electrical radiation is harmful to the human body.

The radiation we discuss today refers to ionizing radiation with ionization ability and may affect human health.

The ionizing radiation that we usually contact most is X -ray. When this rays are irradiated to the body, we can destroy biological cells and even death.

And what do we use to measure the severity of radiation?

Common radiation doses are GY and SV.GY is the average energy of ionizing radiation accepted by the unit quality and material. SV is the degree of harm to biology by various types of ionizing radiation.Studies have found that when humans are sprained by 4 SV, the mortality rate is 50%.

If you want to have harm, you must reach a certain value, and the radiation is the same. This value is called the threshold. Under this dose, it is regarded as no harm to the human body. Of course, the more than the threshold, the stronger the harm.Essence

X -ray is different from nuclear radiation. It belongs to the existence of the inspection, disappears after the examination, and nuclear radiation can continue to exist. For example, patients with thyroid cancer will continue to radiate after iodine 131.

Here are the thresholds of X -rays to harm the harm of pregnant women and fetuses.

According to the above form, answer several common questions about X -ray and CT inspections.

1. Will it affect fetal intelligence after receiving CT examination?

If the abdominal CT examination is accepted during pregnancy, the amount of radiation that the fetus can receive is 8msv, which is far from 50 msv (it will not abortion and teratogenic), let alone the threshold value of 200 msv on the fetal effect on the fetus.

2. Accessing electricity ionizing radiation can cause leukemia and cause cancer?

Ionizing radiation can cause leukemia, but long -term exposure to large doses of radiation can be caused.According to the study, when the fetus received radiation brought by 500 breasts at a time, it only increased by 2%of the risk of cancer, and the risk of cancer with normal people was 40%-50%, so don’t worry too much.

3. What impact will it have on all times during pregnancy?

Within 2 weeks of pregnancy: The most serious impact of radiation on the fetus is the death of the fetus.At this stage, the fetus is composed of only a few cells. Radiation causes damage to a cell will cause embryonic death.Regardless of the surviving embryo, no matter how much radiation was received at the time, there was rarely a birth defect related to radiation.

2 to 18 weeks of pregnancy: When receiving large doses of radiation (more than the dosage of 500 chest X -ray examination), it will cause birth defects, especially the brain will be greatly affected.

Born from 18 weeks of pregnancy: At this time, radiation will basically not affect the fetus, unless it receives a large dose of radiation (far exceeding the dose of 5,000 chest X -ray examination).

26 weeks after birth: Babies during this period are no longer sensitive to radiation as the newborn period, so radiation will not affect its health, but it will increase the risk of cancer.

4. How to do protection?

When you are about to check, you can ask the radiologist to protect the protection, such as wearing lead clothes, lead bibs, lead caps, lead glasses, etc. to protect important organs.


X -ray and CT are a means of clinically providing important help to disease diagnosis and treatment. Even if it is during pregnancy, the doctor will recommend that you go for a related examination.

Of course, if you are pregnant or pregnant, please inform your doctor and radiologist and seek advice.

If you have to conduct related examinations, you can seek a radiologist to give relevant protection.

Many people have heard that do not get pregnant within half a year after receiving X -ray or CT examination, otherwise it will have an impact. As a doctor’s proposal CT examination, it is best to have children.If you find that you are pregnant, you don’t have to worry too much. The normal check -up can be. According to the study, the examination will not affect the fetus.

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