What should I do if I am pregnant?Seeing expectant mothers

As the saying goes, the process of ten women and ten hemorrhoids may also cause or increase various anal diseases.

Although there are often pregnant women who come to see me to see a doctor, more prospective mothers who are afraid to go to the doctor and even the "old mother" are ashamed to enlighten the teeth and seek medical treatment. They do not understand the anorectal diseases.

In a very special period in my life, what should I do if I encounter such diseases?Today I will talk to you how to handle it simply.

Pregnant women’s hemorrhoids

1. For those who are relatively serious: you can use Ejiao to take warm water, or boil brown sugar water in jujube+eggs, but remember that if there is no severe anemia, you cannot take it for a long time, otherwise it is easy to increase hemorrhoid inflammation.

2. For pain and swelling: Do not advocate any bathing, which can easily lead to retrograde infections in the birth canal. You should rinse the anus with warm water. After cleaning, use sesame oil or rapeseed oil and apply it to the local area.

3. For getting out: Every time you take it out, be sure to clean it and take it back immediately.

Pregnant woman’s anal fissure

1. First of all, ensure that the stool is unobstructed. You can use dietary schemes: sufficient drinking water, fruits, vegetables, etc., and take a walk for appropriate meals.

2. Wash warm water before each stool, and massage the anus at the same time, which can relax the sphincter and reduce the pain of defecation.

3. After cleaning, use sesame oil or rapeseed oil to wipe anal crack.

Eczema of pregnant women

1. Loose clothes and choose cotton fabrics to ensure sufficient breathability.

2. Wash it every time and dry it

3. After drying, apply a small amount of sesame oil or rapeseed oil to reduce friction between the skin while protecting the skin’s wounds.

Pregnant women’s perianal abscess

1. The only doctors may consider surgical anorectal diseases during pregnancy. The surgery is generally puncture or cutting pus, and generally does not perform radical surgery.

2. Clean the wound after the operation and change the medicine in time.

3. As long as the drainage is sufficient, no antibiotics can be used after surgery.

4. The surgery is done. There is no need to take oral drugs after surgery. You only need to clean it and change it on time.

Pregnant women’s fistula

1. If pregnant women have not performed anal fistula surgery before, they can only be kept conservative first, and then surgery after production.

2. Ensure that the outer mouth is smooth and allows the secretions to be drained in time. If the drainage cannot be drained smoothly, and the local swelling is swollen, you should go to the hospital for the doctor to deal with it in time.

3. Rinse warm water after each time and before going to bed.

Article Source: Public Account Yao Jinbin Studio

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