What should I do if I am pregnant and vomiting?How to effectively relieve pregnancy!

Almost every pregnant woman has signs of nausea and vomiting. Although pregnancy vomiting is normal, some pregnant women have severe pregnancy reactions, vomiting very well, and seriously affecting that eating can make pregnant women unable to keep up.So, what should I do if I am pregnant and vomiting?

What should I do if I am pregnant and vomiting?

Vomiting of pregnancy, also known as malignant resistance, refers to nausea, vomiting, dizziness and anorexia, or even out of the early pregnancy, or even eat them. Generally, the phenomenon is generally obvious before 12 weeks of pregnancy.It is mainly from the stomach loss and drop, and the veins are rushed to the place.Many people think that pregnant women can prevent nausea and vomiting without eating or eating less, and some pregnant women do not want to eat because they are afraid of vomiting.In fact, not eating can not reduce vomiting, but also makes pregnant women lack nutritional supply, which is not good for maternal and infants.

The severe severity of pregnancy and vomiting is divided into three levels:

1. Nausea, loss of appetite, mild vomiting: Don’t eat too much amount, you can eat soda biscuits or toast to reduce symptoms.

2. Spit, vomiting several times a day, and the doctor should give vitamins or stop vomiting.

3. The drama is accompanied by the lack of water and imbalance of electrolytes. It is necessary to seek medical treatment as soon as possible. In severe cases, hospitalization is needed.

Pregnancy is closely related to many factors, such as changes in hormone content in the body after conception, mental tension, and so on.The following four therapies can help you relieve pain and improve pregnancy.


What is more important than psychological and relaxed, the mood is too stressful, and the pregnancy reaction will be more serious.Pregnancy vomiting appears normally. As long as it is within the normal range, there is no need to worry about the adverse effects on the fetus.Learn some corresponding scientific knowledge, communicate with the mothers around, learn from each other, and relieve psychological pressure.You can also communicate with your own medical examination doctor and tell your doctor to see if there is any need for the corresponding pregnancy vomiting therapy.


In fact, the fetus grows slowly in the early pregnancy (first three months) and does not require too much nutrition.You can choose what you want to eat as much as possible in terms of taste, and minimize the amount of eating each time as much as possible.Drink plenty of water and eat more vitamin -rich foods, which can prevent constipation, because it will increase the early pregnancy reaction.

Change the dining environment as much as possible so that this can stimulate appetite.In order to reduce the reaction of pregnancy, eat more dry foods, such as sesame biscuits, biscuits, grilled buns, and bread slices.If the pregnancy is severe, eat more alkaline foods such as vegetables and fruits to prevent acidosis.

Exercise therapy

Can’t eat all day long, feel irritable and poorly physically powerful, is it the reason for getting up to get up? No! You can’t bed all day because of nausea and vomiting, because this can only increase the early pregnancy reaction.If there are too few activities, symptoms such as nausea, poor appetite, burnout, etc. will be more serious, and a vicious circle will often form in the past.

Participate in some gentle activities, such as outdoor walking, and doing pregnant women’s health exercises, etc., can improve their mood, strengthen their bodies, and reduce early pregnancy reactions.


1. 50 mg of vitamin B6 every day.

2. 25 mg of vitamin C per day, with 5 mg of vitamin B1 at the same time.

And some pregnant women think that vitamin B6 is vitamin and the material required by the human body. Without disadvantages, it takes a long time to take it.In fact, it is harmful to the fetus.

Due to the long -term too much vitamin B6, the fetus is dependent on it. Medically it is called vitamin B6 dependence.

Prevention and vomiting knowledge

1. Moderate rest, fatigue is a very important reason for morning vomiting.So try not to make yourself too tired.

2. The movement of getting up is slow.Don’t sit up or go directly to the ground, slowly look up, get up, and go down.This can prevent dizziness and disgusting due to insufficient blood supply to the brain, and to prevent falling.

3. Eat some salty biscuits or cereals before getting up.Enjoy the romance of breakfast on the bed during pregnancy.

4. After eating, the last bed rest for half an hour can reduce the symptoms of vomiting.

In short, no matter whether it is slightly pregnant or vomiting and vomiting, you should maintain an appropriate amount of eating and drinking water.Usually exercise properly, often doing foot massage can relieve pregnancy vomiting, and keeping cheerful mood helps to alleviate the situation of pregnancy and vomiting.If the vomiting is very serious and it has affected the body of the pregnant mother, you need to go to the hospital for medical treatment in time to obey the doctor’s advice!

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