What should I do if I am pregnant at the age of 19?

Recently, a girl sent a post on a social platform for help. She said that I was 19 years old and I was pregnant. What should I do?

This girl is a sophomore student, so we call her Xiao A.

According to Xiao A, her boyfriend is 11 years older than her, because her boyfriend is slightly older, I hope she can leave this child.

But she was still studying, and she didn’t know her in love at home. She was concerned a lot. She didn’t know what to do.

There are a lot of voices in the comment area. Some people are questioning and are adults. I don’t know if they take contraceptive measures.

Someone was enthusiastically persuaded her to tell the house in time to discuss it.

Some people who have experienced the same thing have left experience, telling her story, for fear that she has stepped on her back.

But in general, in addition to some people who look at the lively people, most of the voices still persuade her to kill her children, and don’t delay her life.

Netizens did not hesitate at all, asking her about the situation, helping her analyze the pros and cons, and wanted to let the 19 -year -old girl face it bravely.

One of the comments impressed me deep:

Everyone is enthusiastic about considering it. The long story analyzes a passage. The most afraid of is that you look at it one by one, but you are still blinded by love.

The number of people to do people every year every day in the hospital is endless. It can be seen that things such as accidental pregnancy are very common.

I think we need to talk about this issue.

Regarding unexpected pregnancy, everyone agrees that its meaning is to be pregnant outside the plan.

Originally pregnancy was a sacred thing. It showed the reproduction of the reproduction, carried human heritage, and symbolized the vitality of life.

But accidental pregnancy has changed the nature of the great thing.

It may affect the harmony of a family, it will wear out the feelings of two people, and even destroy the future of a person.

It is undeniable that some couples who are about to talk about marriage are not so terrible.

It just accelerated the pace of the two to enter the marriage hall.

But slowly, it is the most romantic. When some inherent sequences are broken, something must be afforded.

We often lament the great human nature, and we can’t help but boo.

Recently, there have been articles on the Internet that allows girlfriends to be pregnant before marriage. It is really unbearable.

The first thing to get pregnant first is the damage that this incident brings to the girl.

Obviously, not only in the body, girls who are not married first will suffer a lot of language violence and bring them serious psychological trauma.

This society has extremely high requirements for women, and there are more than a little bit of prejudice for women.

Even many bad words and abuses are also from women.

But I want to say that this kind of thing is not what the girl itself wants to experience.

It may be caused by love by love, or it may be caused by the lack of sexual knowledge, but the reasons are all caused by men and women.

Of course, their experience also wakes us up, even if we fall in love, we must maintain the final reason.

So what happened to those who were pregnant?

Some of those who are married have a happy life, husband and wife, beauty, and family harmony.

There are also some people who have superior family conditions and their lives are still smart.

But most of them have given up their future and leave the development of society.

Now you can only endure the ridicule of the in -laws, face the cold face of the husband, maintain a broken family, and live at a glance at a glance.

So many people choose to kill their children.

Although the hard time was spent and the body was hurt, life returned to the right track.

There are also some young people who have just entered the society and faced with this kind of thing, and they dare not tell parents to secretly go to Xiaohei Clinic to flow off their children.

Good luck, everything goes well.Bad luck, instead bear the terrible results of unimaginable unimaginable.

Unexpected pregnancy, I hope we will not encounter it.

But if things really happen, what should we do?

First, tell parents in time.

Although we are already adults, we are still immature in the face of the unknown of this society. We encounter things that cannot be solved. We must learn to ask for help.

Some people are afraid of their parents’ blame and can’t bear to face such a scene.

But in the face of major events, parents will always protect you first.

Second, learn to think about yourself.

Girls are romantic in their hearts, and they are easily fainted by love.

But we must understand that once love disappears, you may have nothing.

Learn to consider long -term and ask yourself, if you leave this child, what you will sacrifice, can you accept this degree of sacrifice.

Finally, make choices carefully and plan life reasonably.

As far as the Little A incident is concerned, if you choose to kill your child, you must take care of his studies and your body.

If you study a child, do you still have to continue your studies and how to arrange it in the future?

The most important point is that marriage is for happiness, to create a new home for love, not for the last choice.

I don’t know what the last choice of Xiao A is,

But life will always continue,

This is just an episode of her life.

I hope the girls know,

The boy who really loves you will not let this damage,

The boy who really loves you will not let you face this dilemma alone.


Love yourself is always the most important.

Say it again,

Love yourself is always the most important.

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