What should I do if I do abdominal pain during pregnancy?

What should I do if I do abdominal pain during pregnancy?We must first distinguish the cause of abdominal pain. If it is a physiological abdominal pain, Baoma can take the corresponding method to relieve it; if it is the pathological abdominal pain, Baoma should seek medical treatment in time.So, how to distinguish fetal movement and abdominal pain during pregnancy?

Abdominal pain during pregnancy refers to the pain that Bao Ma occurs in the lower abdomen when she is pregnant.However, if the abdominal pain caused by the uterine ligament stretching, normal uterine contraction, fetal movement and other reasons, there is no need to worry about it, it is usually normal.

During pregnancy, Baoma often has abdominal pain, and even some people have been accompanied by abdominal pain from early pregnancy to late pregnancy.Experts point out that the cause of abdominal pain in Baoma is mainly the irregular contraction of the uterus.The uterus gradually becomes larger during embryonic development, and the effect of hormones in the body and the pull of the uterine ligament. At this time, many Baoma will have stomach pain and discomfort.ease.

Bao Ma often experiences pain in the early pregnancy. If abdominal pain is mild, it can be relieved after rest.However, if abdominal pain is a burst, or continues to fall in the abdomen, just like the pain before menstruation or during menstruation. At the same time, it is accompanied by vaginal hemorrhage. It is likely to be a pathological phenomenon.Gastrointestinal discomfort caused by food and drink can also cause abdominal pain.

For Bao Ma, the pain of the abdomen can be roughly divided into two categories.One category: physiological pain caused by pregnancy.Another category: pathological abdominal pain caused by disease.Let’s talk about normal physiological pain.Abdominal pain caused by uterine compression ribs

As the fetal development gradually matures, Baoma’s uterus gradually expands and increases. At this time, the huge uterus will often cause stimulation and compression of the ribs, which will cause pain to Baoma. However, most of this abdominal pain is normal.Physiological phenomenon.Abdominal pain caused by fetal movement

28-32 weeks of pregnancy is the most significant period of fetal movement.

At about 20 weeks of pregnancy, the average number of fetal movements per day is about 200 times; but by 32 weeks, it may rise to about 375 times. At this timemany.

At this time, if the baby kicks hard, it will make the mother feel pain, especially if the baby’s head hit the muscles of the pelvis bottom of Bao Ma, the pain will be more obvious.Abdominal pain caused by fake contraction

By the stage of pregnancy, there will be some fake contraction. This contraction can bring abdominal pain to Bao Ma to a certain extent, and this abdominal pain will generally disappear during the day at night.

In this case, the frequency of contractions is not consistent, the duration is not fixed, and the pain of pain is relatively long and has no regularity. In addition, this abdominal pain is not accompanied by the fall.But on the other hand, fake contractions also indicate that it is about to give birth.

Therefore, it is reminded that Baoma should be prepared early, raising the essence, raising the body, and keeping physical strength to welcome the baby’s arrival.

If you feel stomachache, but there are no other abnormalities, the fetal movement is normal. You do n’t need to be too nervous, you just need to rest well.

However, if the abdominal pain lasts for a long time, and the degree of severe pain has reached an unbearable level, or if it is accompanied by symptoms such as vaginal hemorrhage and water breaking, you need to go to the hospital in time to check the premature birth and the placenta early peeling early peeling., Rupture of the uterine to prevent adverse consequences from occurring.What should I do if I do abdominal pain during pregnancy?

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