What should I do if I do not eat normally without eating the body temperature of pregnancy?This article will answer you in detail

Pregnant sows often have problems that do not eat food, which plagues many pig farmers.In many cases, what is going on when the pregnant sow does not eat food is normal?What should I do if I do n’t eat normally without eating?In this article, let’s answer this question.

During the pregnancy, sows have problems that do not eat food during pregnancy. Most of them are caused by constipation or weakening gastrointestinal function, especially in the late pregnancy.This is because during the sow’s pregnancy, the uterus compressed the intestine due to the expansion of the fetus in the abdomen, which caused the intestinal motion to slow down.If the feed that pigs eat are dry, the intestinal tract that moves slower makes the food reserve time longer, and it is easy to absorb more water, resulting in dry manure or even constipation.Even if there is no dry dung, the digestive function is weakened, and appetite may be reduced or even abolished.

Obviously, no matter if constipation is incident, if the sows do not eat if the intestinal peristalsis becomes slow during pregnancy, it will generally not cause a fever.If you have this problem, if you have obvious constipation dry dung, you can use edible oil, stir -fry bran or edible oil or cook vegetables to feed sow to help sow defecation.Subcutaneous injection: Do not eat too much needle, help sow defecation and promote gastrointestinal motility.

Of course, for any pig raising, sow as long as there is a problem, it means a big risk, especially if you don’t eat food.Therefore, farmers must prevent prevention.Since sow is constipation, it is necessary to regulate the gastrointestinal and intestines. It is recommended that you mix the sows during the sow during pregnancy: the mother animal is too guaranteed.The probiotic ingredients in it can condition the intestine and avoid constipation caused by poor intestinal peristalsis.In addition, common sow problems such as shit, tear spots, estrus, and less milk can be solved.

The above is the answer to what to do if we do not eat normally without eating the body temperature of the pregnant sow. I hope it will be helpful to all farmers.

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