What should I do if I encounter a "little aunt" during ovulation?

Red Net March 29th (Correspondent Huang Yuying Yan Yan) Ms. Liu is 30 years old this year. In the past six months, she often has a small amount of vaginal bleeding in the middle of menstruation.Lumbar pain, the menstrual cycle is normal.After going to Hunan Provincial Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital Traditional Chinese Medicine and Gynecology Department, the doctor considered bleeding during ovulation.

In fact, in real life, many women have encountered this kind of situation, so what is going on during ovulation bleeding?Do you need treatment?

Ovulation bleeding refers to the short period of time in the middle of two regular menstruation. The level of estrogen caused by ovulation has a short decrease, which causes endometrial endometrium and cause vaginal bleeding. Occasionally, it will be accompanied by uncomfortable symptoms such as lower abdomen pain or backache.Hunan Provincial Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital Traditional Chinese Medicine and Gynecologists remind you that bleeding during ovulation often occurs in adolescence and childcare women, and excessive exercise, tiredness, and mental pressure may be the cause.

We all know that there will be a mature egg from the ovary during the ovulation period. At this time, there will be a chance to conceive in the same room.What should I do if bleeding during ovulation?

1. For most occasional ovulation bleeding, if the amount of bleeding is small and can stop in 2-3 days, you can only observe and not intervene.Pay attention to maintaining a good mental state and avoid mental stimulation and emotional fluctuations.Pay attention to keep warm, avoid cold irritation, avoid eating cold stimulating food, and avoid overwork; wear soft, cotton, breathable underwear, and change underwear underwear.

2. For women in the age of childbearing age, ovulation bleeding has a great impact on physical and mental health, which reduces the quality of life. Some childcare women can easily miss the best time to conceive due to ovulation bleeding, which leads to infertility.Those with continuous ovulation bleeding (more than 4-5 monthly cycles) or more bleeding may interfere with conception. In this case, it is necessary to further eliminate whether there are other diseases.

Under the guidance of Chinese medicine theory, Chinese medicine has obvious advantages in the overall dialectical treatment of ovulation bleeding during ovulation.Therefore, if there are the above -mentioned troubled female friends remember to seek help from a doctor in time.

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