What should I do if I find HPV positive during pregnancy?

Human nipple virus (HPV) infection is a very common problem. 80%of women in their lives will be infected with HPV at a certain time. Most people can remove HPV infection by themselves without serious problems.However, if the HPV infection cannot be cleared for more than a year, the risk of cervical cancer and cervical cancer will increase, so it is necessary to scree the cervix regularly.

Recently, among the patients who are in the outpatient check, some patients who have found HPV infection during pregnancy or during pregnancy are diagnosed. They are generally worried about whether HPV infection will affect the baby. Today, I will talk about this problem with everyone.

Q: Can HPV infection be prepared for pregnancy?

HPV infection will not affect pregnancy, but if you know that HPV infection is infected before pregnancy, it is recommended to take a clinic in time before pregnancy to exclude the risk of cervical lesions so that you can prepare for pregnancy with peace of mind.In addition, some studies have shown that patients with HPV infection have a higher chance of infection with genital pathogens, and these infections are related to poor pregnancy endings. It is recommended to consider pregnancy after comprehensive examination.

Question 2: Are you pregnant, do you need to do cervical screening?Can cervical screening during pregnancy?

my country’s "Guidelines for Comprehensive Prevention and Control of Cervical Cervices" pointed out that women with a willingness to pregnancy should ask if they have performed cervical cancer in the past one year during pregnancy; if not screening, it is recommended to conduct cervical cancer screening, or Do it during the first pre -delivery inspection.Cervical screening during pregnancy is still very safe. Don’t worry about affecting pregnancy.

Question 3: I have never done cervical screening before pregnancy. I have found HPV positive during pregnancy screening. What should I do?

If you have never been screened before pregnancy, and the high -risk HPV positive during pregnancy, it is recommended that expectant mothers go to the cervical specialist clinic. Experienced doctors need to be diagnosed in the mirror after the pultime examination.It can be further followed up in postpartum; if an observation of vaginal mirrors prompts a high -level lesion or cervical cancer, it is necessary to take positive and timely diagnosis and treatment in a timely manner.

Question 4: Will pregnant women infection cause newborns infection?

HPV infection may cause infants and young children to be infected after birth. The most serious consequence is that infants and young children have repeatedly developing laryngeal papilloma.The disease is mainly caused by low -risk HPv6 and 11 infections, but its incidence is very low. Only 4.3/100,000 cases of live production. Most expectant mothers do not have to worry about this problem.

Q: Can I still give birth if I found HPV infection?

HPV infection does not affect the method of childbirth.At present, HPV infection or condyloma acuminatum is not a indicator of cesarean section.However, if the merger may cause major vaginal birth bleeding, or the huge vaginal genital warts that hinder the softened lane, the cesarean section should be adopted if necessary after being evaluated by the obstetrician.

Regardless of the pregnancy plan and pregnancy management, regular comprehensive cervical cancer examinations can be escorted by maternal fetal health.Even if you find HPV infection, you don’t have to worry too much, and go to the hospital for help in time.

Author: Diwen (Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Renji Hospital affiliated to Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine)

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