What should I do if I find that I am pregnant?

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Duan Ye, my husband drank some wine on the 14th (maybe 3 or two). On the 17th room, I had some wine on the 20th (mayThe number started to feel appetite, and at the same time bloated. On the morning of the 2nd, the early pregnancy test strip was used to test pregnancy. Will we drink alcohol affect the baby?



In China, drinking is rare during pregnancy. In Europe and the United States, the proportion of drinking during pregnancy is relatively high. For example, in Canada, about 14%of women will drink to varying degrees of drinking during pregnancy.

China has no authoritative and reliable statistics. Although it is not as high as European and American countries, it will still encounter pregnant women who will continue to drink throughout pregnancy.

The most problem encountered in the outpatient clinic is to drink alcohol when you are pregnant, or even drunk, will it affect the growth and development of the fetus?

Recently, several patients came to the doctor when they encountered a similar situation in this letter.To answer this question, we must first understand some basic concepts related to drinking.

01 Basic Concepts of Drinking

Common alcoholic alcohol content

Beer 2%-12%(average 4%-6%)

Wine 8%-14.5%

40% -50% of foreign spirits (vodka, rum, golden wine, whiskey)

Chinese liquor 50% -60%

Standard drinking amount

Different countries have different definitions of a "standard" of drinking.

Taking Canada as an example, a "standard" refers to the pure alcohol of alcoholic drinks containing 0.6 ounces (17.7 ml).

This is equivalent to 354 ml ordinary beer (5% alcoholic); 148 ml wine (12% alcoholic); or 44.4 ml of spirits (40% alcoholic).

Low -risk drinking

For non -pregnancy women, low -risk drinking refers to drinking no more than 2 "standard" alcoholic drinks in any day, and drinking does not exceed 9 "standards" per week.

Drinking a small amount during pregnancy

For a small amount of drinking during pregnancy, there is no uniform standard internationally. The definition of a British research is that the daily intake of alcohol does not exceed 84g, or the daily drinking volume does not exceed 12g.

The alcohol content of ordinary beer (284ml) is about 8g of alcohol. The alcohol content of a small cup of ordinary wine is about 12g. The alcohol content of a small glass of spirits (whiskey or vodka) in British bars is about 8g.

Therefore, the definition of a small amount of alcohol during pregnancy is basically: a cup of 1/2 beer, a small glass of wine, and a small glass of spirit.


Binge Drinking refers to the concentration of alcohol in the blood after drinking or more than 0.08%after drinking, which is equivalent to a standard body of alcoholic drinks that meet or exceed 4 "standards" within 2 hours.

Studies have found that in the sensitive stage (5-12 weeks of menopause) for the formation of embryo organs, mad drinking may have a bad impact on children’s development and behavior.

This needs to attract our attention, because many pregnancy is not planned, and women may drink it without realizing their pregnancy.

Although the adverse effects of a madness occasionally during the early pregnancy are not serious, the number of times may still have adverse effects and should be avoided.

02 Impact of drinking during pregnancy

Fetal wine essence score system disorder

FETAL Alcohol Spectrum Disorders refers to the adverse effects of pregnant women’s drinking on babies during pregnancy, including physical impact, spiritual impact, behavioral impact, and learning obstacles during pregnancy.

Fetal alcohol syndrome

Fetal alcohol syndrome

V fetal alcohol syndrome

Fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) is a severe fetal alcohol score. FAS can cause fetal growth, mental problems, behavioral problems, and abnormal facial features.

How much drinking can cause FAS?

Children who drink a large number of pregnant women during pregnancy usually occur (the amount of alcohol reaches or exceeds 3 "standards" or drinks more than 7 "standards" per week).FAS.

Safety drinking standards during pregnancy

Is there a standard for drinking safely during pregnancy?

Without a safety standard for drinking during pregnancy, alcohol during pregnancy may have a adverse effect on the fetus, and it is best not to drink alcohol after knowing that you are pregnant.

03 conclusion

Some evidence shows that drinking during pregnancy will have adverse effects on the fetus. There is not enough evidence to confirm that a small amount of alcohol during pregnancy is safe or harmful to the fetus.

There is no sufficient evidence to help us define the standard threshold for drinking a small amount of drinking during pregnancy.

For any woman who is possible to get pregnant, not drinking is the most cautious and secure way.

Drinking a small amount during early pregnancy is not an indication for termination of pregnancy.

04 Case analysis

Case 1: Janine is 26 years old. I found that I was pregnant 2 weeks ago. Today’s ultrasound shows that the size of the embryo is equivalent to 8 weeks of pregnancy. I participated in a celebration dinner three glasses of wine a few weeks ago;I drank two glasses of wine in the bar.After searching for some articles on the Internet, I started to worry about the adverse effects of drinking on children and wanted to terminate pregnancy.

Consultation principle

The risk of this drinking volume is relatively low, affecting the probability of the fetus relatively small, whether to continue pregnancy, and consider deciding by yourself.

Case 2: Josee is a 20-year-old college student. He often attends a party on weekends. Generally, he will drink 6-8 cups of beer at a time. Yesterday, she found that she was pregnant for 9 weeks.Essence

Consultation principle

This is a "crazy drink". Often, a 4-5 "standard" drinking will have a adverse effect on the fetus. It cannot accurately predict whether it has adversely affected the fetus, and the degree of impact on the fetus.Diagnosis to confirm or except these adverse effects.

You can respect her choice of continuing pregnancy. She needs to tell her these possible adverse effects and help her quit alcohol.

In fact, the best way is not to drink the whole pregnancy.

Case 3: Sheila is 35 years old, with 5 pregnancy, 5 births, 12 weeks of pregnancy, drinking beer 3-4 times a week, and drinking 4-6 cups of beer each time.I found that I started to drink beer 2-3 times a week after pregnancy, and drink 1-2 cups of beer each time.


It is suggested that she is better not to drink. If she really can’t quit alcohol, it is best to continue to reduce the amount and number of drinking. It is recommended that she find a professional drinking staff for help.

The informing cannot predict whether it has had adverse effects on the fetus, and the degree of impact on the fetus cannot be confirmed or except these adverse effects.

Therefore, this classmate, the wine you drink is not too much, nor a long -term drinking, and you may not be pregnant when you drink.worried.


This article mainly refers to the Guide to Drinking Drinking during the Canadian Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology, and quotes some of its case analysis.


Because because the cold changes are common, pregnant mothers want to know how to take medicine and how to treat it effectively.

So what do you do when you encounter this situation during pregnancy?Let’s talk about the "cold during pregnancy" next issue, and look forward to your reply!

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