What should I do if I find that the baby’s heartbeat is irregular during pregnancy?

Some pregnant women are occasionally found that the baby’s heartbeat is irregular, sometimes fast and sometimes slow. This phenomenon is called fetal arrhythmia. Whether it needs to be treated and intervened in time to analyze the specific situation.

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Fetal arrhythmias are still very common. About 1%-4%of pregnant women are found to have an excessive fetal heartbeat during pregnancy, but most of them can disappear by themselves and have a good prognosis.

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According to the fastness of fetal heartbeat, clinical clinical is divided into two categories: fast -type arrhythmias contracted (premature beat) and tachycardia; and slow arrhythmias such as atrioventricular block or pathogenic sinus syndrome.If it is simply a morning fighting, no heart structure is not combined, and the mother is told to pay attention to rest and relax, and most of them can be relieved. If there is abnormal fetal heart structure with the fetus, it needs to be followed up on a regular basis.If the fast heartbeat lasts for a long time, if it is greater than 200 times/minute for a long time, it will cause the fetal heart to expand, heart function, fetal edema, and severe cases can cause fetal death.The second/min, even less than 80 times/min, may also be inadequate, leading to the dead tires, these conditions need to be intervened in time.Some babies with slow heartbeats are caused by mothers, so it is better for mothers to check whether she has some special diseases such as systemic lupus erythematosus and dry syndrome. If the mother’s related antibodies are positive, they may affect the fetusThe heart development is often not good, and it needs to be intervened in time.

At present, clinical diagnosis of fetal heart rhythm is mostly through the fetal heart ultrasound, and about 80%of fetal heart rhythm abnormalities can be diagnosed through the fetal ultrasonic diagnosis. Secondly, with the development of electronic information technology, the fetal heart electrocardiogram is gradually promoted clinically.Maternal and infant hospitals have applied fetal cardiac electrocardiographic machines for fetal arrhythmia.Utilizing a fetal electrocardiogram, you can find whether the fetal heartbeat is normal, simple and intuitive through the mother’s belly.But at present this technology still has a certain limitations and needs to be continuously improved.If you find that your baby has severe arrhythmia, you need to go to a specialist hospital to formulate a detailed diagnosis and treatment plan. After a comprehensive evaluation, it is decided whether it is drug treatment or termination of pregnancy.

Supply: Cardiovascular Disease Branch of Shanghai Medical Society

Author: Zhao Pengjun, Children’s Heart Department of Xinhua Hospital affiliated to Shanghai Jiaotong University

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