What should I do if I find uterine fibroids after pregnancy or pregnancy?

Uterine fibroids are suddenly found during pregnancy or after pregnancy. At this time, expectant mothers will be nervous and clinically can encounter this situation in obstetrics and gynecologists.

What should I do if I find uterine fibroids during pregnancy?

Dr. Ji Cuihong, the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology of Shunyi Maternal and Children’s Hospital, pointed out that most of the uterine fibroids have no effect on pregnancy, and only a small part needs to be treated before pregnancy.Dr. Ji Cuhong listed some clinical situations that often encountered.Because this situation usually does not affect the ending of pregnancy, but also requires contraception for several months or 1-2 years after surgery. The age is increased, and the fibroid recurrence. Not everyone can’t wait.Instead, if the fibroids affect the uterine cavity or are directly greater than 5cm, the risk of abortion and premature birth may be increased during pregnancy.Of course, more or abnormal bleeding or even causes anemia, or related symptoms such as the occurrence of urinary systems, digestive systems, and nervous systems, etc., even if it is not for pregnancy, it should be surgery.

Obstetricians will also encounter the condition that the uterine fibroids are found after pregnancy. So what do you need to deal with?

During pregnancy, not all fibroids will increase, and there are some situations that remain unchanged or even reduced. Most of them are stable and do not need special treatment. However, the condition of fibroids and mothers should be regularly monitored.Only a few cases need to be eliminated for fibroids during pregnancy. If the red degeneration of fibroids during pregnancy, conservative treatment failure or diagnosis is unclear; the submucosal uterine fibroids are reversed infection;Surgical detection.Of course, the pregnancy with fibroids is a high -risk pregnancy category, and obstetricians will pay special attention and management of you.

Once you are pregnant with uterine fibroids, do you have to give a cesarean section?

Pregnancy with fibroids is not a reason for cesarean section. Most of them can be produced in vagina.Only fibroids grow in the lower uterine paragraphs, cervix and other places, which hinders the baby’s childbirth need to do cesarean section. This requires the obstetrician to help you evaluate and judge. The mother does not have to worry about it.

Can I pick up the uterine fibroids together during cesarean section?

Some people think that when the cesarean section is born, the uterine fibroids are taken together.

At the same time, the fibroids are more likely to bleed more, especially when the cesarean section has more bleeding, or that the maternal condition should no longer take risks of tibbing fibroids.If the bleeding cannot be controlled, there is also the risk of uterine resection at the end, and the price is very high. Therefore, do not difficulty in the obstetrician to strip the fibroids when you are cut.Most fibroids will be reduced after giving birth, and some will even be reduced to no surgery. If surgery still needs, you can also choose a minimally invasive method.Of course, if the fibroids grow near the uterine incision, affecting the baby or removing small fibroid wounds, and it will not affect uterine contraction, doctors have rich experience in surgical technology, and "tumors" are not tasted.

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