What should I do if I found pregnancy shortly after taking the medicine?Pharmacist’s suggestion

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Some women find that they are pregnant and are worried that they are not good for their babies; some pregnant women are sick during pregnancy, and they are more confused about the medicine and what medicine can be used.On March 26, the reporter learned that some hospitals in Jiangcheng set up a pharmacist team specifically for women, women during pregnancy, and lactating women during pregnancy.

Wuhan Central Hospital Drug Consultation Pharmacist is providing consultation with a pregnant mother

After taking anti -inflammatory drugs, I found pregnancy, and the woman was worried about the fetus would be affected

Ms. Li, 30, recently took custard antibiotic drugs because of her throat pain and cough and sputum. She was still in the hospital for a lung CT because she was still poor.Recently, Ms. Li found that the menstruation was postponed for a few days, but she found that she was pregnant as soon as she checked.Worried that CT and the previous medicine had an impact on the baby, Ms. Li came to the drug consultation clinic of Wuhan Central Hospital for consultation.

"I have taken cephalosporin drugs and also done CT. Soon after I found that I was pregnant, would my child be affected?" Ms. Li consulted the pharmacist.Zhou Qing, deputy director of the pharmacist, asked in detail to calculate the period of fetal development, comprehensively evaluate the time of medication, and patiently explain the risk of drugs.

"According to estimates, your oral drugs and CT time are within two weeks formed by fertilized eggs." Zhou Qing introduced that the consequences of the medication at different times when the fetus was exposed to drugs.Within 2 weeks for formation of fertilized eggs, fertilized eggs have been planted in the uterine membrane, but the tissue has not yet differentiated. Under the circumstances of unknown, orally or accepts CT irradiation.Phenomenon.In other words, either all the drugs destroy the embryo cells, and the embryo will flow itself; or if there is no effect, the embryo continues to develop.After 3 to 8 weeks after fertilization, the organs of the fetus began to differentiate. It belongs to the high -sensitivity period of deformedness. It is very vulnerable to external factors such as drugs and cause fetal malformations. ThereforeUnder the guidance of a doctor, carefully and safe medication.

She suggested that Ms. Li not to worry, just relax and observe patiently.At present, Ms. Li has been pregnant for about 2 months, and her situation is good. The doctor told her that she had a doctor’s advice on time.

Pregnant mothers suffer from chickenpox during pregnancy.

Ms. Feng, 27, is currently about 10 weeks of pregnancy. Not long ago, she found that her abdomen, back, limbs, and heads of the head and faces all had a lot of small blisters and had low fever. She was diagnosed with chickenpox at the hospital.Physically antipyretic and antiviral drugs Agelovirville.

However, Ms. Feng was very anxious. She was afraid that chickenpox would teratoger, and she was afraid that the medication would affect her children. And because of chickenpox, she felt itchy, and she felt that she could not sleep well every day.More than half a month ago, with the recommendation of a friend, she went to the Internet Hospital of Wuhan First Hospital to find the "Medicine Mother Team" for online graphic consultation.Guo Yan, deputy director of the pharmacist at the hospital, took the diagnosis of Ms. Feng online.

Ms. Feng uploaded the blisters on her body and described her symptoms in detail, expressing concerns.Guo Yan checked the relevant research materials in a professional database and provided her suggestions: Antiviral drugs can use antiviral drugs to antivirus. Evidence -based medical studies have proved that the drug is safer during pregnancy.In addition, if Ms. Feng’s itching disease is too serious, it seriously affects life and sleep. When external glyphosate washing agents cannot be alleviated, it can also be taken at the same time. Studies have shown that this drug is relatively safe during pregnancy.Combined with the advice of doctors and pharmacists, Ms. Feng finally agreed to take medicine.After nearly half a month, Ms. Feng asked the "Medicine Mother Team" again for online graphic consultation. The pictures showed that most of her chickenpox had disappeared, and she thanked her online guidance for the "Mother of Medicine".

"In clinical, we often treat some women, and we are very entangled in medication during pregnancy, and some even illness are also ill." Guo Yan said that in fact, women are in pregnancy, breastfeeding, etc.You can also take medicine safely, but you must pay special attention to the choice of medicine.Otherwise, if pregnant women are sick, they will be blindly carried, which will not only seriously affect their own health, but also affect the growth and development of the fetus.

When taking medicine, I encounter pregnancy and breastfeeding "Medicine Mom" clinic.

On the 26th, the reporter learned that in response to the puzzles of the use of medication for women’s use of pregnancy, early pregnancy, during pregnancy, breastfeeding, some hospitals in Jiangcheng have opened pregnancy -related clinics online and offline.

For example, the Nanjing Road Hospital of Wuhan Central Hospital has a drug consultation clinic every Tuesday to Friday morning. In addition, the online question section of the hospital’s public account also adds drug consulting services.In addition to the offline drug consultation clinic, Wuhan First Hospital also has a "Medicine Mother Team" service on the Internet hospital of the hospital.Preparation of pregnancy, pregnancy preparation under medication, the impact of accidental exposure of drugs on mothers, acute chronic diseases during pregnancy, common medical treatment and breastfeeding during breastfeedingsuggestion.

Guo Yan introduced that in the medical consultation consultation of outpatient pregnancy, accidental pregnancy was often received after taking the medicine.She introduced that a professional pregnancy mammaker can calculate the time for the formation of fertilized eggs through consultation and early B -ultrasound. It is estimated that drugs may have the effects of embryos, and the advantages and disadvantages are analyzed based on the situation of medication and the type of medication."Different drug risks are different. Women find unexpected pregnancy after taking it. It is recommended to consult a specialist and pharmacist at a regular medical institution., Analyze the pros and cons, "said. She said.

Guo Yan also said that if women suffer from hypertension, diabetes and other diseases, they are not well controlled during pregnancy, which may bring more serious consequences.Some medicines should still be used, but they must be used under the guidance of specialists and pharmacists.Zhang Junjie, a member of the "Medicine Mother Team" of Wuhan First Hospital, also said that he will often receive medical consultations during breastfeeding.And combined with the actual breast milk mother medication data, analyze the breastfeeding safety of the drug, provide suggestions after comprehensive consideration, instead of blindly requesting breast milk mothers to stop breastfeeding. "

"Women can take medicine under the guidance of pharmacists during pregnancy and lactation." The pharmacists who were interviewed suggested that when men and women are preparing for pregnancy, women encounter medication during pregnancy and breastfeeding, they must go to regular medical institutions.The opinions of the specialist and pharmacists in consulting are decided after comprehensive measurement.

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