What should I do if I have eczema during pregnancy?Try these tricks to keep you away from itching

During pregnancy, the metabolism of expectant mothers becomes more vigorous, the corresponding body will become hotter, and at the same time, it will also love sweaty. Coupled with the secretion of hormones, it will increase the symptoms of eczema.

And if there is a mothers who have suffered from eczema unfortunately, it should be remembered that the best way to prevent and control eczema is to avoid itching and try the following methods.

First, you can take a cold compress method.Put the cold towels in the place where it is itchy due to eczema, and don’t use your sharp nails to scratch.Because scratching can only make eczema more serious. If it hurts the skin, it will make the bacteria organic and cause new infections.Therefore, expectant mothers can consider cutting the nails short and polishing smoothly, which can be low to prevent inevitable scratching and reduce the probability of being grasped by the skin.

Second, expectant mothers should try to reduce contacts that can stimulate skin, including animal fur, vacuum cleaner, soap and juice.Therefore, expectant mothers should properly put the housework in their hands. If this work was done by you before, then the cleaning and laundry work will be handed over in the future.

Third, try to keep the skin moist.For example, when you just take a shower, you must apply a moisturizing cream when the skin is moist, so as to maximize the skin’s moisture to prevent dryness and cracking.In daily life, it is important to ensure sufficient water intake, which is not only the water supply of two people, but also an important item for keeping the skin moist.If the home is relatively dry, especially in the winter in the north, it is necessary to prepare an air humidifier.

Fourth, do not soak in the water for too long, including rain, bathing, swimming, etc.Some people may ask, keep the skin moist, soak in the water for a while, can you keep the skin more moist?In fact, this is not the case.On the one hand, soaking in the water for too long will make the skin uncomfortable.On the other hand, if the water is hot, it is too long in the water, and the hot water will take away the hot oil in the skin, causing the skin to dry and itching.

Fifth, try not to contact an environment of overheating or too humid, which is the two major incentives produced by eczema.Therefore, in the choice of clothes, try to wear loose and breathable clothes to wear, and at the same time, avoid wearing chemical fiber and wool texture.

In the end, expectant mothers can rest assured that probiotics can effectively reduce the probability of having eczema in the baby in the stomach.Another thing to pay attention to is that some studies have confirmed that breastfeeding can avoid eczema infection, so please ask mothers to come in and choose breast milk to feed.

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