What should I do if I have insomnia when I get pregnant?10 techniques make pregnant mothers sleep peacefully

It is what every pregnant mother wants to sleep at night during pregnancy.Here I will introduce 10 tips to help pregnant mothers sleep well.

Breathe fresh air outdoors and do an appropriate amount of exercise to make you feel comfortable and make you easier to sleep at night.In addition, there is evidence that the possibility of active exercise women in the late pregnancy and production process is even less likely!

You can practice something to relax before going to bed, such as yoga, which can help pregnant mothers reduce the number of wakes and reduce anxiety.

"Some pregnant mothers find that simple exercise like yoga during pregnancy can help them complete some mild exercises and learn how to relax." It can also let your partner massage you to help you relax.

Reduce or not consume caffeine, especially every night, remember that tea, chocolate, soft drinks, energy drinks and some drugs also contain caffeine.

If you can, do not drink alcoholic drinks.

Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables.Flower tea can help you relax at night.Ginger tea and mint tea can help ease morning vomiting.

Pregnant women’s pillows are usually the favorite sleeping tools of expectant mothers.They can help you support your belly or leg on the bed. When your belly becomes larger, they will make you more comfortable.When you read or watch TV, you can also relax on the sofa.

You may like your pregnant woman pillow so that you want to continue using them after your child is born.Coincidentally, they are also a good cushion when breastfeeding!

Moms who have never had indigestion may be surprised when indigestion during pregnancy.It is caused by the valve between the stomach and the gastric tube. During pregnancy, the gastric tube relaxes due to changes in hormones.This means that gastric acid will enter the gastric tube and cause burning sensation.In the late pregnancy, the uterus you grow constantly will compress your stomach and make the problem more serious.

Stomach burning will develop when you sleep, and even uncomfortable you wake up in the middle of the night.Try to avoid eating too much spicy food or a meal, especially before going to bed.Eating less meals is the most important thing in the later stages of pregnancy, and don’t eat too hurriedly.

You can try to raise the bedside 10 to 15 cm or sleep with many pillows.If you continue to be uncomfortable, you can’t fall asleep, you can find a doctor for help.Drugs may not completely alleviate your stomach burning, but your doctor can prescribe a safe acid anti -acid drug for you.

Nearly 70%of pregnant mothers will have morning vomiting, and not only limited to the morning.In fact, pregnancy vomiting, which is well known, nausea and vomiting during pregnancy, will happen at any time during the day or evening.

Eating a small amount of food before going to bed will help, because the empty stomach will make you feel more uncomfortable.Keeping moisture is also helpful.Don’t eat too greasy or sweet foods. These foods are difficult to digest and make you feel more uncomfortable. This will help avoid stomach burning.

If you have Dabao, you can let your partner help you when Dabao wakes up at night.During pregnancy, it is difficult to sleep well, let alone you already have a child, he will wake up at night, or climb your bed when you fall asleep.

If you have difficulty sleep, tell your partner and encourage them to help take care of your two treasures at night.You can also get up with your husband in the morning to get up with your children to sleep lazy.

There must be a good sleeping habit. Here is a healthy sleep time list to promote a comfortable sleep for pregnant mothers:

Do some mild exercises during the day.

Don’t drink coffee a few hours before going to bed.

Avoid eating too much food that will increase stomach burning.

Do not drink any liquid a few hours before going to bed.

Reduce activities before going to bed.

Practice relaxation skills or yoga.

Pelosal before going to the toilet.

Wear lightweight clothes made of cotton, so as not to be too hot.

Use a pillow to support your belly or leg, lying on the side.

Keep sleeping during pregnancy

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