What should I do if I have menstrual pain?Can children improve abdominal pain after giving birth?

Small abdominal pain during menstrual periods is one of the common symptoms of women’s menstrual period. Some people are just mild pain or faint discomfort. Some people have severe pain and even unbearable.What should I do if I have menstrual pain?

In general, depending on the situation, how to deal with small abdominal pain during menstruation.Some people’s menstrual abdominal pain is not particularly serious. Pain is in the range that can be tolerated, which will not affect normal study and work and life. Generally, special treatment is not required. Pay attention to keep warm, relax, maintain a happy mood, take a good rest.It can be a few days.

If small abdominal pain during menstrual periods is more severe to reach the point of being unbearable and seriously affects daily life, you need to go to a regular hospital to find a doctor for consultation in time.When the pain is unbearable, doctors may temporarily prescribe some painkillers to relieve pain, and then do further examination to exclude some body organic diseases, find out the cause and then treat them targeted.It should be noted that do not take medicine by yourself to avoid harm to the body.

In addition, no matter what pain during menstruation, it can be temporarily relieved by local heating.Do not eat raw cold foods during menstruation, so as not to aggravate menstrual abdominal pain.

In life, if there are women’s menstrual pain, some elderly people or elders may say "it’s okay, just give birth to a child."Do you really have dysmenorrhea after giving birth?

Indeed, some children have dysmenorrhea before, and the menstrual period is not painful after giving birth.However, some dysmenorrhea in some children has not improved, and even dysmenorrhea is more serious.What exactly happened?This starts with the root cause of dysmenorrhea.

Some primary dysmenorrhea caused by the narrow cervical canal or abnormal uterine development, the cervix mouth of the pregnancy and childbirth becomes relaxed, and the adverse uterus can be improved. When the menstrual periods come back to menstruation, the dysmenorrhea will improve.There are also some women’s post -marital or postpartum hormone regulation level improvement, or good mental state, and the dysmenorrhea will improve or even disappear.

But not all dysmenorrhea women are so lucky, and post -marriage or postpartum dysmenorrhea will improve.Some dysmenorrhea is caused by gynecological diseases. Such dysmenorrhea needs to cure gynecological diseases that cause dysmenorrhea, and the phenomenon of dysmenorrhea will improve or disappear.If it is not treated in time, dysmenorrhea may become more and more serious over time.

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