What should I do if I insomnia after pregnancy?Do these 5 things, let you sleep until dawn

With the acceleration of the pace of life, the situation of insomnia has repeatedly occurred, especially women after pregnancy are more likely to have insomnia, as high as 52%to 61%because of insomnia.Relationships, such as various discomfort during pregnancy, and uterine contraction and fetal movement, can affect sleep.If pregnant women have a long -term insomnia, it may increase the chances of postpartum depression in pregnant women. Therefore, insomnia occurs after pregnancy, and it is necessary to find the appropriate method to solve it in time.

What should I do if I insomnia after pregnancy?

1. Keep a good mood

After women are pregnant, there will always be a lot of worries, such as the health of the baby and their own changes. In addition, it is also necessary to face the conversion of the role. Under the influence of multiple changes, it is easy to affect sleep quality because of excessive pressure, or even evenInsomnia, so women should maintain a good mood after pregnancy, which will help improve sleep quality.

2. Sleep as little as possible during the day

Most women will feel lazy after pregnancy. Even during the day, they are prone to difficulties. They especially like to sleep, but everyone’s sleep time is relatively fixed.Sleeping in normal times, so in order to alleviate the absence of insomnia at night, pregnant women try to do something else as early as possible during the day, such as sun exposure and listening to songs. Avoid sleeping too much during the day and affecting night sleep.

3. Appropriate exercise

As long as there are no special circumstances, pregnant women also need to exercise appropriately, such as jogging or yoga, which can promote blood circulation and metabolism. At the same time, it can also improve the spirit of the day.Essence

4. Add a soft pillow

Pregnant women can choose a comfortable sleeping position freely in the early stages of pregnancy. By the end of pregnancy or in advanced stages, a soft pillow can be added to support the abdomen and back.Help, at the same time, can relieve low back pain.

5. Communicate with your family

Women who are pregnant for the first time will always have anxiety because of some things, such as what should be prepared during production, whether they are dangerous when they are produced, etc. Therefore, women should communicate more with their families after pregnancy and get their family’s care.And support, it is helpful for insomnia caused by anxiety.

Reminder: After women are pregnant, husbands are a very important role. To give their wives understanding, care, support, and assistance, so that the wife can have a good mood at any time.EssenceNote: Click "Link" "to answer your psychological confusion for free online!

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