What should I do if it is difficult to fall asleep during pregnancy?It is easier to fall asleep like this, and it does not affect the healthy development of the fetus

Are you still lying on your left to sleep during pregnancy?In fact, sleeping like this is better for pregnant mothers and fetuses!

I am pregnant in October, and I am uncomfortable to sleep during pregnancy. I believe that many Baoma has such experience, but if the pregnant mother sleeps poorly during pregnancy, it will affect the healthy development of the fetus.This pain is endless. In fact, it is not necessary to sleep on the left side during pregnancy.Sleeping like this during pregnancy is easier to fall asleep without affecting the healthy development of the fetus. Do you know?Let’s take a look together!

Early pregnancy

In the early stages of pregnancy, when the stomach is not obvious, the posture of the pregnant mother sleeps can be a little bit free.Pregnant mothers in this period can choose their favorite sleeping posture, how to sleep comfortably, how can she sleep.

Although the sleeping position has a small impact on the fetus in this period, it also needs to pay attention to the following. It should not be too casual. Therefore, it is best not to sleep or sleep.This may be pressed by the baby, or causes the fetus to be hypoxic.

Mid -pregnancy

With the gradual development of the fetus, sleeping during pregnancy also becomes crying. The pregnant mothers sleep in the sleeping posture.Sleeping and other postures.Pregnant mothers can still sleep on the left and the right side for adjustment.

For most pregnant mothers, in the first six months, lying down and sleeping, it did not have much impact, but six months later, it was best not to lie down flat.If the pregnant mother is pregnant earlier, she should start to sleep on the side in advance.For the twin pregnant mothers, even the multi -twive pregnant mothers, the body burden is greater than a single pregnant mother. Therefore, it is best to start sleeping side by side from the second trimester.

Late pregnancy

In the late pregnancy, pregnant mothers must avoid the posture of lying flat and sleeping. Although it is more comfortable to lie down and sleep flat, it is also a common sleeping position for many people. However, when the fetus grows up, the pregnant mother will lie down and sleep, and will press the fetus.And may also lead to insufficient blood supply to the fetus.

In the late pregnancy, pregnant mothers are best to choose to sleep on the left side, and occasionally use the right side to sleep for adjustment.Although it is not appropriate to lie down, it does not mean that you must not lie flat. Occasionally lying flat for a while is also possible. Don’t be too tangled.

Although it is important to sleep in pregnancy during pregnancy, it is not too entangled in that kind of sleeping position, but to choose a proper sleeping position during the appropriate period. It can be adjusted between different sleeping positions.Sleeping.Only when the pregnant mother sleeps well, the fetus will develop well. This is the most important thing.

What should I do if pregnant women have difficulty sleeping?

Before going to bed during pregnancy, it is best to avoid watching the intense TV. Do not drink tea, coffee before meals, etc. Do not do severe exercise.

Before going to bed, you can take a hot bath, adjust the light to a comfortable brightness suitable for sleeping, listen to a soothing music, and drink milk, which will help sleep.

It is best to cultivate regular sleep habits during pregnancy. Even if you can’t sleep, you can go to bed early.Stay as little as possible during the day, do not lie down in bed or rest or rest.This can have a sense of attachment to bed.

For sleeping positions during pregnancy, do you still sleep on the left side of pregnancy?

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