What should I do if my body is itchy?Don’t ignore the pregnant mother

After pregnancy, Baoma will encounter various problems. The pregnancy reaction in the early pregnancy makes people not eat, and the increased pregnant belly every day makes their activities more and more clumsy.Some Baoma will have itching in the body, it is really uncomfortable to itch than being beaten.

And about 20%of pregnant mothers will occur during pregnancy, which also brings a lot of trouble to the mothers. Sometimes it is really willing to be beaten, and they are unwilling to itch all over the body.So, what part of the itch will Bao Ma appear?Next, let’s take a look together:

1. The belly may itch

After pregnancy, the pregnancy belly is the most changing. The belly will be expanded due to the relationship between the fetus, and the skin will be stretched. Many pregnant mothers will have ugly stretch marks.After pulling it, it lost elasticity.The surroundings of stretch marks can easily feel itching. At this time, if some olive oil can be applied, it can play some relief. Do not scratch it with your hands and hydrate the skin to relieve itching.

2. Itchy private parts will itch

After pregnancy, many Baoma will find that there are more secretions below. If it is not serious, we can usually pay attention to hygiene and cleaning.When choosing underwear, choose cotton, and it is good to be breathable. You must regularly wash it every day, and you must insist on cleaning every day. If you feel serious, you can ask the doctor.

3. The breast will itch

Affected by hormones after pregnancy, the breasts will change a certain degree of change. Other treasure moms will feel itching, especially the small particles near the nipples. After being friction from the clothes, it is more likely to make people feel itchy.Unbearable.At this time, Baoma can wash it with water, and then apply some itching skin care products. When choosing underwear, the cotton is the first choice, and the regular washing will also have a good effect.

After pregnancy, no matter which part of the body feel itchy, we must treat it rationally. Do not use some drugs ourselves, and we must not trust some unscientific recipes to prevent accidents.Generally, itching can be effectively relieved after giving birth, so the mothers need not worry so much.And in normal times, whether it is eating habits or living habits, it is very important. Cotton materials are more suitable for pregnant mothers, and it is best to take clothes in the sun. Pay attention to the water temperature when taking a bath too high.It will increase itching.

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