What should I do if my expectant mother is hit by her belly?Observe three days, you can rest assured without these situations

The prospective mother’s belly is large, the movement is not flexible, pay attention to safety in action, try to protect the stomach as much as possible, and avoid bumps.

Avoid hitting your stomach

Some dangers can predict that expectant mothers can take the initiative to avoid, the most afraid of the sudden collision, pay special attention to the following occasions to avoid this kind of thing:

1 When passing through various doors, don’t be too anxious. If there is no one on the other side of the door, no one in the distance is in a hurry to pass it. If anyone is accompanied, you can let the accompanying person come first and escort the mother’s passing.

2 When walking and checking, walk around the roadside, staircase, and corridor to let the accompanying people walk outside for protection.

3 Try not to go to a place where there are many people, especially where there are children who make trouble, try to stay away from as much as possible.

4 When you go out, try not to take the bus again. When the bus brakes and turns, the unstable people may hit the stomach of the expectant mother.If you need to take a bus, do n’t worry when you get on and get off the car. It ’s not too late to do it after the car stops. You can say hello to the driver to avoid impatient.

What to do if you hit your belly

After the belly was hit, the baby’s baby is generally not directly affected because of the protection and buffering of amniotic fluid. What you want to worry about is that the uterus is strongly stimulated, causing strong contraction or premature fetal membrane breakdown, premature birth.

If the expectant mother is hit, do not be too nervous, try to relax as much as possible, at the same time reduce activities, and pay attention to rest, at the same time observe the body’s reaction, such as whether there is pain in the stomach, vaginal bleeding or increased secretions, etc. In addition, in addition, etc.Observe the fetal baby’s fetal movement and fetal heart, and there is no abnormalities within 3 days. If abnormalities occur in time, go to the hospital for examination to ensure safety.

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