What should I do if my insomnia pregnant mother should do?4 major reasons for pregnancy and insomnia at a time

Dissatious during the day, but I can’t sleep at night. Do you familiarize this scene?After pregnancy, due to the changes in hormones, some moms will have a drowsiness.

As the stomach becomes larger day by day, frequent urination, uterine compression to the lungs, and the problems of breathing are likely to cause the mother to have insomnia.

For mothers in the late pregnancy, poor sleep and insomnia in the later stages of pregnancy have become the norm in the later stages of pregnancy.The quality of sleep is closely related to the health of people’s health, especially for the pregnant mothers, and may even affect the health of the babies.

Normal adults generally take 8 hours of sleep time, but because of physical changes, pregnant women are more tireless than normal adults, so they will be more than one hour more than usual and at least 8 hours.

General pregnant women will have obvious drowsiness after pregnancy. Sleeping not only affects the spirit of pregnant women, but also affects the health and mood of the fetus, and even affects the growth of the fetus.Assuming that pregnant women have sufficient sleep, their mental and mood will be very good, the fetus will not fluctuate too much. After the baby is born, it will be healthier and optimistic. Therefore, pregnant women should maintain good sleep quality as much as possible in order to be good for the baby.Influence.

So today I need to take out the cause of insomnia and understand the reason for improving the poor sleep in the later pregnancy, so that the pregnant mothers can not worry about insomnia!

Symptoms of insomnia: Calcium deficiency in the body

During pregnancy, the mother’s body will have many changes, and the body’s demand for calcium is more than the average person, because the baby’s body also needs calcium components during the growth process, and the baby’s nutrients come from the mother, so calcium deficiency is deficient in calcium, so the calcium deficiency is deficient in calcium.The relationship is likely to cause her mother to cramp in the middle of the night, or there is a syndrome of leg unexpected syndrome in the middle of the night, causing pregnant women to cause severe insomnia.

Symptoms of insomnia 2: frequent urination effect

The cause of frequency urine may be three types of causes. The first may be because the uterus is oppressed to the bladder, which causes the number of toilets to increase; the second possible reason is psychological factors, because some people are easily nervous.The above toilet can be used as a way to relieve stress; the third cause may be that germ infection causes inflammation of the bladder urethra, which causes the number of toilets in pregnant women in the middle of the night and affect sleep.

Symptoms of Insomnia: Disposity or rapid breathing

The horizontal diaphragm causes the lungs to become smaller, so breathing will become shallow and rapid, causing pregnant women to feel unsatisfactory breathing.

Symptoms of insomnia: back pain

Due to the large uterus in the middle and late pregnancy, the lower cavity and veins under the uterus are compressed, which causes the lower back pressure to be greater and cause poor blood circulation.In addition, the abdomen bulge to the back and waist is more likely to make pregnant women feel back pain.

※ Add calcium and iron

To improve the problem of leg cramps, try to avoid long -standing or walking during the day, and you can add more calcium -containing foods in your diet, such as milk and tofu.You can also consider using iron supplements.

※ Reduce water intake before bedtime, and increase physical resistance

Doctors suggest that water can be taken in the daytime, but water intake can be reduced after dinner or before bedtime, and try to avoid drinking caffeine and carbonated drinks, because this kind of drink has the effect of diuretic.In addition, it is necessary to increase physical body resistance and reduce the burden of excessive body, so that you can keep yourself relaxing.

※ Moderate exercise, adjust the breathing rhythm

Doctors suggest that you can exercise moderately before pregnancy to improve cardiopulmonary function. After pregnancy, because of good cardiopulmonary function, it can reduce the condition that can not breathe, and it can also help the future production smoothly.

※ Reduce the burden on the waist

The uterus is gradually swelling because the fetus grows up, so the spine pressure of pregnant women also increases. After about four months of pregnancy, the abdomen can bring the abdomen with the abdomen to reduce the waist and back pain.In addition, there are many types of abdomen bands, which can choose from before and after the pregnancy stage.

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