What should I do if my stomach hurts at 8 weeks of pregnancy? Mom must be cautious

It is a very hard thing to get pregnant and give birth to children, and many people will change during pregnancy.So is the secretion of 8 weeks of pregnancy? What is the most secretion of the secretion 8 weeks of pregnancy?

What’s wrong with stomach pain in 8 weeks of pregnancy?

What is the stomachache in 8 weeks of pregnancy: the increase in uterine increasing stretching

The stomach pain in pregnant women who are pregnant for 8 weeks are caused by no causes. Sudden stomach pain, and there are no other accompanying symptoms. It is because the uterine growth rate has increased faster during this period.The longer and tension increases, the uterine wall at the adhesion of the round ligament is trapped, and pain occurs.

The pain of enlarged uterine stretching: The pain of growing up in the uterus is tolerable, and it lasts for a maximum of ten or twenty minutes. If it hurts for a few days, it must be abnormal., Test the blood phase to see if there is inflammation.

Suggestion: If the stomach hurts caused by the increase in uterine, pregnant women do not need to be too nervous. Pay attention to rest and sleep through the left lying position to relieve pain.If other symptoms, such as bleeding, go to the hospital for examination and treatment as soon as possible.

What about the stomach pain in 8 weeks of pregnancy: threatened abortion

Pregnant women with 8 weeks of pregnancy may also be a threatened abortion. In addition to their stomach pain, the symptoms of the stems also accompanied by the symptoms of vaginal hemorrhage.

Symptoms of threatened abortion: Generally, the amount of bleeding is small, often dark red, or bloody leucorrhea, which can sometimes reach 4 to 5 days to more than a week.After a few hours to weeks after the occurrence of bleeding, it can be accompanied by mild abdominal pain or back pain.

Suggestion: When pregnant women find stomach pain and accompanied by vaginal bleeding, they should go to the hospital to do B -ultrasound and HCG and progesterone examination in time to determine the type of abortion and cooperate with doctors for treatment.During the treatment, pregnant women should rest in bed, and they must also prohibit sexual life. Pay attention to personal hygiene. At the same time, pregnant women should maintain a comfortable mood so that they can recover faster.

What is the stomachache in 8 weeks of pregnancy?

When pregnant women are ectopic pregnancy, their lower abdomen will fall in pain, have a sense of defecation, sometimes painful, accompanied by cold sweat.When the pregnant woman is broken, the pregnant woman will have a sudden pain on one side of the lower abdomen, often with nausea and vomiting.Under normal circumstances, the garden pregnancy is about 6-8 weeks of pregnancy.If the pregnant woman did not have a normal pregnancy, she should go to the hospital as soon as possible to check the B -ultrasound as soon as possible to determine the pregnancy.

Symptoms of ectopic pregnancy: After the ectopic pregnancy is ruptured, pregnant women will feel severe stomach pain and a lot of internal bleeding symptoms. Bleeding often has irregular vaginal bleeding, mostly drip -shaped, dark brown, small amount, generally not exceeds menstrual flow, and it is unclean.At the same time, pregnant women will also have shock phenomenon such as pale, fine pulse, and decreased blood pressure.

Ectopic pregnancy treatment: If the pregnant woman is determined to be an ectopic pregnancy, the clearance surgery should be performed.If the pregnant woman is the rupture of ectopic pregnancy, the stomach pain is severe. Before the ambulance comes, the head should be low and the feet high to keep quiet and prevent bleeding.It is also important to keep insulation with the blankets and other products.After arriving at the hospital, surgery should be performed according to the doctor’s judgment.

What about the stomach pain in 8 weeks of pregnancy: stomach discomfort

Pregnant women who are pregnant for 8 weeks have eaten cold and irritating foods, stimulating the fragile gastrointestinal, and also cause stomach pain.Gastitis, appendicitis and other gastrointestinal diseases can also cause stomach pain in pregnant women.

Suggestions: Pregnant women who are pregnant at 8 weeks should pay attention to diet. The diet should be light and easy to digest. It is best not to eat cold and stimulating foods.At the same time, the pregnancy test should be carried out in time, the fetal hypoxia is eliminated, and then the blood pressure of the fetus is treated, and the doctor’s treatment is received.

Precautions for 8 weeks of pregnancy

1. Be alert to miscarriage

At 8 weeks of pregnancy, the connection between the embryo and the uterine wall is not close, and it is still in a dangerous period.Therefore, at this time, pregnant women should be alert to abortion and do not do severe exercise, such as moving, responsibility, lifting, pushing, and heavier, and often bend over.

2. Prevent a cold

After pregnancy, the physical immunity of pregnant women decreases, the resistance weakens, and it is easy to catch a cold, but they cannot take medicine casually. They should take measures to prevent colds.Pregnant women can often eat raw garlic, raw onion to prevent colds, or use salt water to rinse their mouths in the morning, cold water to wash their face and other methods to enhance their ability to resist cold.

3. Appropriate exercise

Pregnant women with 8 weeks of pregnancy should perform appropriate exercise. It can make the whole body muscle activity, promote blood circulation, and increase appetite for pregnant women, and exercise can also prevent constipation during pregnancy.

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