What should I do if my wife is pregnant?Is it necessary to save it?

Should my husband derailed during pregnancy? I have been in love for 2 years, 2 years of marriage, and my child for one year and 2 months.It was found that her husband was derailed so far at 3 months of pregnancy.Her husband works in a different place and returns home once a week. The primary three are colleagues in the unit. They are three years older than him. They divorce their children, but the children return to their ex -husband.

They have a small family in the unit, and the new colleagues think he is not married, and it is not possible to be affectionate with Xiao San.When my husband was in love, I was meticulous, and I said nothing. So far, the salary is actively paying. It is a model couple in the eyes of everyone.

I found that my husband didn’t go home and was not considerate to me. He didn’t expect that he was derailed, but he just thought that he didn’t want to ask for children too early. Pre -production anxiety and work pressure were great. He still rely on the queen queen.Later, after knowing this, it collapsed extremely, but did not expose it. I wanted to give him a chance to turn back.

But he has always been with Xiaosan, you, I do n’t love me, and refuse to live sex with me.Later, he was revealed and asked him to make a choice. If you do n’t divorce, he or the relationship is broken with Primary Three. He chose to divorce and is willing to go out of the house. Even if you are promoting the opportunity to promote work, you can do n’t have to be with Xiaosan.

He also grew up in a single -parent family who was derailed in his father and hated her internal derailment. I knew he paid attention to the family and the child was young. I didn’t want the child to go his way.Should the teacher wait for him to wait for him to turn back? Is it necessary to recover if the husband’s derailment during pregnancy?

Analysis guidance:

Hello, pregnancy is a period of derailment of men. You said that the anxiety and work pressure of prenatal delivery. Relying on pregnancy in the queen queen, it also promoted this phenomenon.At this time, men’s sexual demand is not met. In addition, your "difficulties" of him have caused him to seek only what he wants.

He is in a different place with you. He returns home once a week. In the days with Xiaosan, sexual needs have been met. When you return to you, you naturally don’t want to live sex.

It can be seen from his willingness to leave home and abandon the opportunity to promote promotion. In fact, the derailment of your husband this time belongs to the upper type of love. Both the flesh and feelings are satisfied.

His native family is a derailed family, and he hates derailment, but he has such behavior.In fact, this is not unusual, because the brand of native families is like a shadow, and sometimes it does not happen without disgust.Only at the level of the subconsciousness, these marks from parents can be slowed or eliminated.

But he must be suffering inside, because your children are still young, and he will not be willing to build such a negative father image.

You asked if he should be waiting for him to turn back? The question now is that he doesn’t want to look back at all, even if you make all the sake of all he will not come back.You should seize the guilt of him because of the guilt brought by the native family, awaken his family responsibility, let him participate in the ranks of taking care of his children, and assume the responsibility of his father.

You also need to know how to take the initiative to care about him. For you in different places, you should maintain the emotional common to the phone or other forms. Don’t look forward to how much emotional improvement he can bring home every week.

From your perspective, you rarely affirm him from his perspective, appreciate his dedication to the family, so how can he have a sense of accomplishment and how can he want to go home?

When my husband is derailed when I am pregnant, is it necessary to recover? Obiting my heart, considering the future of yourself and your child, maybe you will have a positive direction and decision.

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