What should I do if patients with hyperthyroidism are pregnant?Can you be a mother smoothly?

Moms who have not been controlled by patients with hyperthyroidism have not been controlled. If they are pregnant, they may bring adverse consequences such as abortion, premature birth, and slow fetal growth. The risk of thyroid danger and heart failure will increase.

What are the causes of hyperthyroidism and what are the dangers?

The abbreviation of hyperthyroidism, referred to as "hyperthyroidism", is due to the release of too much thyroid hormone in thyroid synthesis, which causes the body’s metabolism and sympathetic nerve excitement, causing palpitations, sweating, eating and increasing weight loss.

Most patients are often accompanied by symptoms such as anepic, eyelid edema, and vision.

What does pregnancy mean for patients with hyperthyroidism?

Congenital malformations and other serious consequences.

Pregnancy will increase the physiological burden of hyperthyroidism, increase the symptoms of hyperthyroidism, and worsen the condition of pregnant women.Once pregnant, the incidence of pregnancy hypertension syndrome is 10 times higher than the normal pregnancy group, which may induce thyroid crisis and threaten patients’ lives.

Now that you are pregnant, you must do a good job of self -support

If the condition is controlled smoothly, patients with hyperthyroidism can have their own healthy babies.There is no problem, so don’t worry too much.

First of all, for the treatment of anti -hyperthyroidism, try to take as much medication as much as possible.If you are currently using metalazole, you are considered to be replaced with oblite piopyraine.

In the case where the condition is stable, if the dose of hyperthyroidism drugs is already minimal, and the titer of thyroid hormone receptor antibodies is not high, and other thyroid function indicators are also stable, then you can prepare for pregnancy.

After learning that after pregnancy, the thyroid function test was performed as soon as possible.Depending on the situation, the thyroid function is reviewed every 2 to 4 weeks.At the same time, we must keep in touch with the endocrine doctors and adjust the medication according to the changes in thyroid function during pregnancy.

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