What should I do if pregnant women edema?These five methods are learned

I believe that all pregnant mothers will encounter physical edema during pregnancy, especially lower limb edema.

However, don’t worry, lower limb edema during pregnancy is a problem that every pregnant woman often faces.It mainly occurs in the late pregnancy and is divided into two types: physiological and pathological. Physiological edema is normal, and it is necessary to be alert to pathological edema.

Different types of edema are also treated differently.Today, Xiaoyuan introduces the method of alleviating lower limb edema for reference for pregnant mothers.

(1) Blood flow of the lower limbs is blocked: With the increase of pregnancy during the third trimester, the fetus gradually grew, which caused the uterine to increase and compress the lower cavity vein, which caused the lower extremity vein blood flow to be blocked, the venous pressure increased, causing edema of the lower limb.

(2) Endocrine changes: After women’s pregnancy, the increased hormone secreted by the placenta and the aldosterone secreted by the adrenal glandular secretion can easily cause the retention of sodium and water in the pregnant woman’s body.Phenomenon.

(3) Increased blood volume: The blood capacity of women starts at 6 weeks of pregnancy, and the blood capacity increases at 34 weeks.Move to the tissue gap, so that pregnant women are prone to edema.

(1) Pregnancy Hypertension: Due to large amount of proteinuria caused by hypoproteinemia caused by edema, the degree will gradually increase, which may spread to calves, thighs, and even abdomen.Blood pressure rises, and other system complications such as liver and kidney damage.

(2) Cardiac disease: Patients with heart disease may have obvious edema, and gradually spread from the lower limbs to the knees, thighs, abdominal walls, and even the whole body. It is often accompanied by palpitations and dyspnea, so that they cannot rest flat.

(3) Kidney disease: concurrently causing kidney disease during pregnancy; it will affect the metabolism in the body, cause protein loss, and cause edema.

(4) Liver disease: In patients with liver disease during pregnancy, once edema occurs, it is often severe, often accompanied by ascites and dim complexions, and sometimes jaundice.Once liver damage occurs, medical treatment should be treated in time to ensure the safety of maternal and infants.

Except for pathological edema, most of the pregnancy edema is normal.However, edema during pregnancy will cause many troubles to pregnant women. If edema caused by physiological reasons, as long as the pregnant woman should rest in bed strictly, it is advisable to lie on the left side.Pay attention to enhancing your own constitution and increase immunity.Avoid strenuous exercise, you can effectively reduce the phenomenon of edema.If it is caused by pathological edema, it is necessary to cooperate with the doctor to actively treat it to effectively improve the edema.

(1) Develop good eating habits

With the increase of pregnancy, pregnant women have more nutritional needs. Only by ensuring sufficient nutritional intake of pregnant women can pregnant women and fetuses healthy.

It is suitable to eat a sufficient amount of protein, which can relieve lower limb edema. Daily can choose animals or bean foods rich in high -quality protein, such as meat, fish, shrimp, eggs, milk, etc.;

Pregnant women with anemia should also pay attention to replenishing iron every week. They should choose foods rich in iron -containing elements, such as animal liver; vegetables and fruits contain vitamins and trace elements necessary for the human body, which can effectively improve the human body’s resistance and speed upMetabolism;

Daily properly consumption of vegetables and fruits can relieve the symptoms of lower limb edema. It is advisable to eat vegetables and fruits that are beneficial to liver and kidney function and promote the water discharge of the kidneys, such as cauliflower, broccoli, buckwheat, enoki mushrooms, tomatoes, apples, kiwi, etc., Loofah, pomegranate, etc. can help the body to discharge excess water;

When pregnant women have lower limb edema, they must be based on a light diet. Do not eat salty foods to prevent edema from worsening; reduce foods that are difficult to digest and prone to flatulence, such as glutinous rice cakes, potatoes, onions, etc., so as not to cause abdominal distension and cause bloodThe backflow is not smooth.

(2) Ensure sufficient rest

Bone and joint pain related to edema will directly affect the daily life of pregnant women. Pregnant women should ensure sufficient rest and sleep time. They should not be too nervous and exhausted, avoid staying up late, so as not to aggravate edema.It is best to rest for 30 minutes after a meal, and it is best to rest for 2 hours in the afternoon. You should sleep 9-10 hours a night; lying down or lying on the left when lying down or rest;Put your legs on the chair after lunch and take a half -sitting position.

(3) Appropriate exercise exercise

Pregnant women should exercise exercise according to their actual situation, such as gymnastics or walks of mild movements, which is conducive to blood circulation, relieve edema, and reduce pain.If the health is allowed, swimming can also be performed, which has certain benefits to reduce edema.

(4) Avoid long stations and sitting

In daily life, pregnant women can adopt the following methods to reduce edema. Specific mothers who work for a long working time can put a dwarf under their feet.Often stretch the legs, move the heels, toes, rotate ankles, and stretch the calf muscles.

(5) Wear comfortable shoes and socks

Pregnant women should not wear tightly oppressing shoes and socks of the ankles and calves, so as not to affect blood flow.If you want to wear elastic socks that can prevent or treat edema, you should choose a high -waisted type and wear it before waking up in the morning.

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