What should I do if pregnant women have heat stroke? In the hot day, adding a high temperature of pregnancy, pregnant women are more prone to heat stroke!

The hot summer is coming. The high temperature this summer has arrived earlier than in previous years. Because of the high temperature of pregnant women, it is easy to sweat, and it is easier to become one of the people of heat stroke. What should I do if pregnant women have heat stroke?How do pregnant women prevent heat and cool down?

Why are pregnant women prone to heat stroke

The reason why pregnant women are more prone to heat stroke: After pregnancy, the metabolism after pregnancy is stronger than before pregnancy, and the skin fat is thicker than before pregnancy. It is very easy to be afraid of heat. In addition, it is easy to heatstroke if you stay in the room with no air circulation and high temperature.

What are the symptoms of pregnant women with heat stroke

After heat stroke, pregnant women are similar to the symptoms of heat stroke: dizziness, headache, dizziness, dizziness, fatigue, limb hair, tinnitus, nausea and vomiting, chest tightness, severe symptoms of coma, if they are not treated immediately, there will be danger of life.

How to soothe the symptoms of heat stroke after the heat stroke is heat stroke or dispel heat from the heat

Quickly move the patient to the cool and ventilated place, loosen the clothes, and apply the head with a warm towel, wipe the whole body, then apply the head with cold water, and then wipe the whole body with cold water or 50%alcohol (do not miss the joints), and thenTake cold water, light saline or watermelon juice, etc. to supplement a lot of water.

Pregnant women are also suitable for scraping or pressing acupoints to treat heat stroke?

Severing hypothetical therapy

Use a needle (or a new needle for stainless steel sewing), stab the ten Xuan acupoints (ten fingers), and bleed, and then the stabbing people, Baihui, Yongquan acupoint can soon be relieved.Severe patients with spasm and convulsions, upper limb spasm: can be used to use Quchi and Hegu diarrhea;If the high fever can be bleed and heat, or the Calligraphy acupoint can be descended down.

Heat stroke scraping therapy

Use coins or smooth porcelain spoons, dip the color tensor or egg white, and scrape it from the top of the spine, the intercostal, the intercostally, the sternum, the elbow nest, and the armpit.The principle of red -purple bleeding spots is a more common method for the people.

Severing stroke cold saline enema

With cold water and 30 grams of salt, the enema is dissolved, and the heat laxative can also achieve the function of fever, spasm, and awakening.Patients with severe heat stroke must be sent to the hospital immediately if they have no first aid experience. During the medical treatment, they should still give emergency response to the situation to avoid accidents.

Note: Due to the special situation of pregnant women, it is best to consult a TCM physician first and follow the instructions of specialist physicians if you want to implement methods such as acupuncture, scraping or cold saline enema.

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