What should I do if pregnant women have toothache?Can I treat teeth during pregnancy?

Oral examination during pregnancy is a very important piece. For dental caries, gingivitis, and periodontitis, it must be treated in a timely manner. If the wisdom teeth need to be removed, they must be removed as soon as possible.More pain, dare not take medicine casually.

If a pregnant woman has toothache, can it be treated with teeth?Can you kill the nerves?Can you put medicine on your teeth?Can I do root canal treatment?This is a question that expectant mothers are more concerned. Not only are they suffering, they also worry about whether the treatment of teeth will have a adverse effect on the fetus.

Stomatologist’s treatment of toothache for pregnant women will decide what treatment is based on their pregnancy time.

The first three months of pregnancy is an important period for the development of embryo organs, and it is also a sensitive period of teratogenic organs. Dental treatment during this period will be more cautious. It can only do some simple emergency pain treatment in a while.Tube treatment is more complicated to avoid adverse effects of the fetus, and even the possibility of miscarriage due to excessive tension of expectant mothers.

For pulpitis and root inflammation, first do timely open marrow drainage, relieve pain, review regularly, and simply replace the drug to maintain it.

For wisdom tooth crown inflammation, it can be used for local rinse and medicine.

No matter what kind of toothache caused by dental diseases, you should take the clinic for emergency treatment as soon as possible, try to use local medicine as much as possible, and try to apply drugs as much as possible when inflammation can be controlled.

In the 4th, 5th, and 6th months of pregnancy, the embryo is relatively stable, and the fetus is not large. Pregnant mothers are acceptable. At this time, some conventional dental treatment can be done.It’s right.Of course, try only to solve the problem that requires a short time. For dental problems that can be treated after childbirth, you can wait until the delivery.Avoid some relatively large oral surgery.

Acceptable treatment:


Washing teeth;

For subsequent root canal treatment of pulpitis and root inflammation;

Conventional oral examination and care.

In the three months of pregnancy, we need to avoid lying on the teeth for a long time, and it is also necessary to avoid excessive tension caused by dental therapy to pregnant women, so as not to produce some pregnancy complications or even premature birth.

At this stage, the tolerance treatment is the same as in the early pregnancy. First, do some toothache emergency treatment. For some conventional treatment, you can wait until the birth of the child.

Although the oral treatment that can be accepted during pregnancy is limited, it can not be held at home at home, but it must be treated as soon as possible. Even if some simple emergency treatment can help pregnant mothers relieve pain.

In addition, the ladies during pregnancy are reminded to spend some time to go to the dental department to make the dentist check the teeth very necessary. Don’t wait for the toothache after pregnancy and regret it!

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