What should I do if the pregnant mother has hemorrhoids?4 tricks to teach you to deal with

After pregnancy, I need to rest well, but the pregnant mother’s body will have various problems.Most pregnant mothers have experienced this problem below, which is the embarrassing hemorrhoids during pregnancy.Once he has hemorrhoids, there is no way to take a good rest. Standing for a long time, you will be exhausted. Sitting down, the pain will instantly strike.And I dare not take medicine during pregnancy, I can only wait for my body to recover.Many mothers have encountered this embarrassing problem during pregnancy, and the response method is here.

1. Understand the effects of this symptom

Hemorrhoids during pregnancy were not a major illness, but you ca n’t take the medicine casually, and you are worried that it will have any impact on the baby in the belly.Second, you can only apply some non -irritating ointment to wait for your body to recover, but to endure a lot of pain.If pregnant mothers do not go to the hospital in time, they will cause repeated pain in the affected area.Therefore, do n’t underestimate these symptoms. When there is any uncomfortable body, you should go to the hospital for examination and treatment in time. Do n’t feel that you can carry it. The health of your baby and mother is very important.

2. Find the reason

Let’s take a look at when this symptoms generally appear in about one week before the production of pregnant women. This is because the pregnant mother’s belly is large and it is not convenient to do anything. Because the baby’s development becomes more and more.As a result, the tissue of the pelvic area becomes very relaxed and causes constipation, and hemorrhoids are often accompanied by constipation.

3. Pay attention to diet to treat hemorrhoids

It is undoubted that pregnant women need to supplement a large amount of nutrition during this time, but they can properly replace the fine grains in the diet into crude fiber things. This can speed up gastrointestinal exercise and reduce constipation and reduce the severity of hemorrhoids.In terms of fruits and vegetables, you can eat more bananas, spinach, fungus, etc., eat more foods with lubricating intestinal effects, and reduce the disease in terms of food therapy.

4. Adjust the schedule and reduce the disease

Pregnant mothers pay more attention to their mentality and schedule when they are ill. You have to understand that you are uncomfortable now, so your baby is part of your body. It can feel your body and psychological response.Therefore, let yourself learn to relax and keep yourself in a good attitude. He has a good sleep, and then further control your bowel habits.As long as the sleep has a certain guarantee, the physical recovery mechanism can be more powerful to eliminate the bacteria and reduce the pain of the mother.

The pregnant mother must pay attention to timely treatment, pay attention to eating habits, and sleep well to avoid these embarrassing small symptoms to a large extent.

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