What should I do if the pregnant woman gets hot and wounds and has a cold?Teach you 5 ways to ease it!

The sore throat, the nose block, and the temperature of the body have a little increased.To put it plainly, the hot and injured wind is a cold. When it is not pregnant, it is a minor illness for us.But after pregnancy, for the babies in the stomach, they are unwilling to take medicine.It’s just that in the past 7 days, my throat was painful and my nose was blocked, which was really uncomfortable.Is there any way to make yourself comfortable?

Knowing that you are pregnant, you need to know that you are more likely to get sick when you are pregnant.Mother -in -law’s hot and injured wind is because the air conditioner blows too much, and the cold wind enters the body to become the fuse of sickness.Therefore, it should be noted when using the air conditioner: the temperature is set at about 26 ° C, so that the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is not so large.Don’t stay in the air -conditioned room all day long, and walk around for a walk outdoors every two or three hours.

Before you get sick, your body will definitely send some signals, such as hotness, uncomfortable throat and so on.At this time, eating more watermelon or drinking tinward water can help the body to clear the heat, playing some role in preventing heat and wind.

If you really get hot and wound, you can continue to use this method to clear the heat, that is, do not drink too much in honeysuckle water, just 1 cup per day.

There is no special effect when the throat hurts, that is, drink plenty of water, which is best for mothers.It is really unwilling to drink white water, drinking some watermelon juice or fresh salt water.When the throat is burning, rinse the mouth with fresh salt water can nourish the throat, and the other can sterilize, so as to prevent the symptoms of heat and wind more serious.

Pressing the little injury can also relieve the pain of the throat. The less injured acupoint is outside the thumb, and you can rub for three or five minutes before going to bed or after getting up.

When the nose is not ventilated, you can smell the cool oil, and the effect is very good.But cool oil cannot be used, it is enough to use it before going to bed or when it feels very uncomfortable.

Let me tell you a massage method, rub on both sides of the nose with two thumbs, rub it to fever, and the nose will not be blocked naturally.

When the body temperature is a bit small, you can wipe your body with warm water to achieve the effect of cooling.Or drink some hot water so that you can sweat more can cool down.But if it has a high fever and it lasted for a day or two, it is best to go to the hospital for examination.

In the early stages of a cold, expectant mothers can eat a little board Lantan or a cold granules to press it, which can clear the heat and detoxify, but also relieve the symptoms.In addition, drink plenty of water and rest to ensure that outdoor activities such as walking every day.I believe that a lot of colds can be better.

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