What should I make up for anemia during pregnancy?

After pregnancy, pregnant mothers should meet the dual nutritional needs of themselves and their babies, and the demand for iron increases.Especially in the middle and late pregnancy, the daily demand for pregnant mothers is almost twice before pregnancy.So many iron demand cannot be satisfied by increasing the amount of diet, and even the amount of heat supply will even cause excessive weight due to blind increased diet; if a large amount of sugar -containing foods are consumed, it may increase the problemRisk of gestational diabetes.

Therefore, a scientific diet is particularly important.Iron is divided into animal hemantan iron and non -moving non -hemoglobin iron. The former is better absorbed.Therefore, iron supplementation is best obtained from red meat and animal internal organs, such as red meat, fish and poultry.In addition, vitamin C will promote iron absorption. Therefore, while iron supplementation, pay attention to matching vegetables and fruits to maximize rail intake and absorption.

A reasonable way to eat can indeed play an iron supplementation, but if physical discomfort has appeared due to iron deficiency, you should seek medical treatment in time to supplement iron by medical methods.Before pregnant mothers treat anemia, the cause of anemia should be clarified, and then symptomatic treatment, that is, to determine whether it is a anemia caused by iron deficiency and then supplement the iron.

Industry experts said that in addition to iron deficiency anemia during pregnancy, there are other anemia caused by other reasons. For example, folic acid deficiency anemia and thalassemia are caused by some diseases.Therefore, anemia during pregnancy needs to be treated symptomatically under the guidance of a doctor, and pregnant mothers should not blindly supplement iron.

Precautions for the correct iron supplementation

1. People with iron supplements should avoid drinking tea, coffee and carbonated drinks after iron supplementation, so as not to affect the absorption of iron;

2. If the patient exists at the same time or has the habit of drinking milk, pay attention to the wrong meal;

Third, for different anemia people, according to their own situation, according to their own guidance, rational use of iron supplements, and do not supplement them at will.

Fourth, before iron supplementation, we must first determine whether it is iron deficiency anemia or insufficient iron intake.For people who do not have iron deficiency or increase in quantity, there is no need to deliberately supplement iron, because when the iron is excessive in the body, it will cause acute and chronic iron poisoning and endangers health.

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