What should I pay attention to after checking after pregnancy?After reading the article, take less "detours"!

Now not only the elders urgently hope that their children can get married and have children soon, and even many married couples are looking forward to the arrival of small lives. It is precisely because of the influence of these all aspects.Formally expectant mother.

Women are particularly young when they are pregnant, and do not know much about precautions during pregnancy and related examinations.In fact, for pregnant women, it is necessary to go to the hospital for examinations on a regular basis, because this can be able to check the health of the fetus and pregnant women well.So how long does it take to go to the hospital for examination and check? If you do n’t know, come and see this article quickly, it is very helpful.

Under normal circumstances, pregnant women need to conduct 10 to 13 prenatal examinations during the entire pregnancy. When the first examination is performed, it should be within three months after the absence of menopause in the pregnant woman.During this period, a related examination of pregnant women can well understand the growth of the fetus in the body. If there are bad situations, they can also find it early, which is very good for pregnant women and fetuses.It can be done every other month or two months. If you are particularly worried, the frequency of the inspection can be higher.

When the first examination, you need to hang the gynecological number, and then go to the gynecological clinic to wait. After the number is ranked, you can tell the doctor that the pregnancy test stick test is pregnant, so the doctor will open the corresponding order for the pregnant woman to pay, and then thenMeasure whether the pregnant woman is pregnant again.After the test, a pregnant woman will be arranged to conduct a blood -drawn examination to check whether the progesterone value in the pregnant woman’s body is normal.At this time, the doctor will make an appointment with the pregnant woman to check the next check time, and will also perform the second blood draw.

When I went to the hospital for the second time, the second blood drawing would also be performed. After comparing the results of the two blood draws, we can know whether the progesterone value of the pregnant woman has reached the standard.Without the standard, the doctor may prescribe some drugs and continue to check blood.

If the progesterone value of the pregnant woman is normal, then the B -ultrasound can be performed. Some hospitals performed yin super, while some hospitals performed abdominal super.When doing an overcast examination, you need to exhaust your urine in your body, and when you do the B -ultrasound in the abdomen, you need to hold your urine as much as possible.When doing B -ultrasound this time, you can clearly see whether the baby he is pregnant is one or more.

When the B -ultrasound results come out, if the progesterone value of the pregnant woman and the B -ultrasound is normal, the hospital generally recommends that pregnant women build their cards in the hospital.To view the growth of the baby in the body and some of the situation of the pregnant woman themselves, so as not to cause some accidents.

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