What should I pay attention to when I have an unexpected pregnancy?

Recently received a lot of sisters’ consultation in the background:

I was pregnant and pregnant, and I had to be ready to be a child

"But do you need to pay attention to the first time?"

"Will it affect me in the future?"

Today, I will answer them one by one

What should I pay attention to when doing the flow of people for the first time


▶ There are sufficient psychological preparations before abortion ◀

The best time for people is 30-55 days pregnant.

For the first time, I feel nervous, worried, and scared. It is best to accompany people who are closer around them, which can effectively relieve tension.


▶ Avoid going to an irregular private clinic to be abortion ◀

Do not go to an irregular small clinic to be a crowded because of greed for cheapness.

Unconventional abortion surgery is likely to cause infection during surgery, which causes inflammation of female reproductive systems, such as endometritis, fallopianitis, chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, and even uterine perforation.These will cause great hidden dangers for future fertility and cause great harm to women’s physical and mental physical and mental.


▶ Preoperative examination is important 前

Through a series of examinations such as B -ultrasound, blood routine, urine routine, leucorrhea routine, and electrocardiogram, doctors can understand the physical condition of the subject and formulate appropriate surgical solutions based on the test results.

If there is a gynecological inflammation, control the inflammation before surgery to avoid bacterial upward infection in the uterus during surgery.


▶ What should I pay attention to before the abortion?Bleak

Painless artificial miscarriage surgery should be banned from 6 to 8 hours before it should be banned to ensure an empty stomach, so as not to cause cough and vomiting during surgery, blocking the trachea.Sexual life should be avoided 3 days before the abortion surgery, so as not to occur.


▶ Choose a way to hurt the body with a small body ◀

Women who are abortion for the first time, considering the problems of young and future birth, choose visual flow of people, and can directly observe the internal condition of the uterine cavity on the display screen, determine the position of the gestational sacInternal injury, protecting the uterus to the greatest extent, and maintaining women’s fertility.


▶ After surgery, rest more and supplement nutrition ◀

Keep the vulva clean: pay attention to rest, keep the vulva clean, clean the outer pussy 1-2 times with warm water every day, and change the sanitary napkin.

Pay attention to preventing infection: Sexual life is prohibited within one month after surgery, and basin baths and baths are prohibited.

Consultation at any time: If there is abdominal pain and fever, the vaginal discharge has abnormal odor, and the consultation at any time. On the tenth day after surgery, the B -ultrasound is reviewed.

Adjust the diet: You can eat more fish, chicken, lean pork, eggs, milk and soy products in your diet, increase the body’s intake of protein, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits to prevent constipation.

Watch closely: Observe a menstrual tide of menstruation after observation.

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