What should the sow pay attention to the first child?What do sows pay attention to the first pregnancy?It’s important to do these well

Recently, we have come into contact with many novice farmers. In the process of communicating and communicating, I have found that many of our pig breeders do not understand the management of sow breeding. In order to help us raise the first babies in the breeding households, we will be in this article.Let’s explain what the sow’s first child should we pay attention to.

1. The nutrition of sow.

Before the sow’s first breeding, nutritional supplementation is important, but we cannot let the sows be overstained, so as not to be excessive obese and not specified. ThereforeThe sow’s love.We can supplement the sow to supplement nutrition. At the reserve sow stage, mix or drink sow or drink water: Multi -Vitality and Pacific, so as to ensure that the reproductive system of the reserve sow can be better developed, and ensure that the breeding will not be when the breeding will not be during the breeding.Due to lack of nutrition.

2. Prevent mold toxins.

After the first child, after arriving at the age of the breeding, many of our farmers will encounter sows that are not estrus or not to be specified. In fact, there is a large reason for mold toxins.Therefore, the first mow can be performed smoothly for it for it.We can add it to the feed that the first mastroe is eaten: cord mold is too guarantee, so as to prevent mold from affecting the estrus and breeding of the first spa.

3. health care during pregnancy.

The sow’s nutritional problem and mold toxin problem, we must not only pay attention before the sow breeding, but also deserves attention after the breeding, because if you do not do these two points, it will cause sows to have some problems during pregnancy. Give us to us.Losses bring losses.Therefore, after the sow is pregnant, we can add the sow mixing materials: the mother animals are too guaranteed+multi -dimensional guarantee+clim mold too much, so that the first sow for the first child can be healthy during pregnancy, so that the first mother can be pregnantDuring this period, there are less problems, and there can be sufficient milk to breastfeed piglets after production.

The first sow, as long as we pay attention to these three points, we can achieve a good effect. In addition, we also need to pay attention to the various vaccines of the sow and make the vaccine that should be done.I hope these contents can be useful to our farmers.

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