What to do after female college students after pregnancy?The three sisters bluntly, the only sadness behind it has to know

Female college students have always been the target of attention in their daily lives, especially in emotional things. On the one hand, female college students have an adult age and body, but they have no adult vision, mature consciousness, and distinguish between right and wrong.Ability, so many times can always hear things about female college students, and the pregnancy of female college students is often mentioned by everyone

Many female college students often make themselves fall into love because of their excessive trust in the other half and their dedication in emotion, so that they can not protect themselves and cause themselves to become pregnant. So what do female college students after pregnancy doIntersectionThe three sisters are blunt, and the sadness behind it is only to know

I am a junior student, but I am also a college student who has experienced "wind and rain". During his college, I talked about a very vigorous love, but I did not protect myself.At the beginning, pregnancy can be said to be unclear. In other words, I never thought I was pregnant, so I was at a loss, and I don’t know how to deal with it.

At the beginning, I just thought that my physiological period was postponed for a few days, so I didn’t care, but when it was almost two months later, I suddenly started to be nervous.It did confirm the phenomenon of pregnancy, but now that we both panicked, and then began to quickly check the solution. After all, it has been more than a month. In the endSeeing a doctor, I hope to end all of this by taking medicine, and finally after the doctor’s guidance, I spend this time

I have to say that many female college students are the same as me. After I am pregnant, I will choose to do a miscarriage as soon as possible. I never want to give birth to this child. After all, in the eyes of most people, this age is this age.Can’t have children, even if it is born, it is difficult to raise, so I chose to do abortion, but I still dare not tell the family that I dare not let outsiders know.

I was pregnant in my senior year, and I was a little nervous, but most of them were still more excited. After all, I was almost the same age, so I was asking my boyfriend’s opinion for the first time when I was pregnant. We also fell in love for two years.I have said that I have got married when I graduate, so I was more excited after this pregnancy

After learning that we were pregnant, we finally chose to see our parents, see the parents of both sides, and tell the matter frankly. Although the parents will have some dissatisfaction during the period, they will eventually acceptI want to hold my grandson and hold my nephew. That’s it. In the year of my senior year, we not only started to live carefully, but also began to prepare for marriage, but fortunately, I was about to graduate when I was pregnant.But it is not very obvious

In this way, after graduation, we also held a wedding, and then the goal of getting married after graduation, or the goal of graduating to get married and gave birth to children in one step, now it is still happier to say!

I was pregnant in my junior year, and I had thought about it. After all, the country now allows college students to be pregnant and gives birth to children, so I also want to discuss with my boyfriend.But the thing that made me sad was that my boyfriend denied it, and bluntly said that I had never thought about it, urging me to do abortion. His performance made me sad again and again, and finally borrowed a lot of money, and then concealed a lot of money.Classmate, I quietly did the painless flow of people

Although this matter has passed, I know very well until this incident has affected the feelings between us, and even I know the thought of the man in front of me, and in the end it was to break up.The student party is very nervous, but it is indeed to see if a boy is responsible

In fact, there are not a few girls who are pregnant during college, especially in today’s social life, increasingly open thoughts, and attitudes towards emotion often lead to some girls who are pregnant.To be a flow of people, they must be considered seriously and treat them seriously. After all, the flow of people will have a lot of harm to their bodies, and the belly is also a small life after all.

However, there is still one thing to tell most female college students that when they are not ready to be a mother, or if they are not ready to give birth to children, they need to protect themselves and take safety measures to avoid accidents from accidents.occur!

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