What to do if the sugar tolerance is high during pregnancy

When pregnant women have high sugar tolerance during pregnancy, pay attention.It is best to consult your doctor.I also recommend going to a professional and regular hospital for examination, or pay attention to the safety of their own operations.There are more precautions for treating sugar, and you should pay attention.The following editors will take you to pay attention to a problem. What should I do if the sugar resistance is high during pregnancy?

What to do if the sugar tolerance for pregnant women is high

1. Pregnant women with high blood sugar will cause symptoms such as dry skin, nausea, and poor mental mental.400-500 grams per day, of which non-ferrous vegetables are not less than 50%, soy foods

2. Early point: It is recommended to drink some sugar -free soy milk, milk, remember, must be sugar -free, and then a small miscellaneous grain bag, the grain bag can be made of corn flour or buckwheat flour, and two pieces of whole wheat bread can be made.Essence

3, dinner: miscellaneous rice rice, it is recommended to put some millet and black rice when cooking rice, because the sugar in white rice noodles is very high, so staple food rice is best to eat miscellaneous rice rice.

4. Dinner: basically the same as Chinese food.

5. Then, before you go to bed, add meals before 10 o’clock, because if you sleep for more than 8 hours after going to bed, you cannot eat. If you do not eat for a long time, the diabetic pregnant women can easily increase the urine ketone. This is toxic for children.of.Therefore, you must add meals before going to bed. It is recommended to eat fruits and a small amount of soda cakes.

Resistance results of sugar tolerance experiments

1. Normal glucose tolerance: fasting blood glucose <6.1mmol/L (110mg/dl); oral glucose 30min to 60min reaches its peak, peak <11.1mmol/L (200mg/dl); basically returned to normal level at 120min, that is, <7.8Mmol/L (140 mg/dl), urine sugar is (1).This sugar tolerance curve indicates that the body’s sugar load is good.

2. Diabetic sugar tolerance: fasting blood glucose ≥7.0mmol/L (126mg/dl); extension of peak time, often appearing after 1 hour, peak value ≥ 11.1mmol/l (200mg/dl); 120min cannot be repaid to normal levelThat is,> 7.8mmol/L (140mg/dl), the blood glucose level of 2h after taking sugar is the most important judgment indicator.Many early diabetic patients can only be manifested as a 2 -hour increase of blood sugar levels, and urine sugar is often positive.

3. When you find that the sugar tolerance is high, don’t be too panic, you can ask the doctor to ask the doctor and pay attention.In addition, you can refer to the above suggestions. Of course, doctors’ suggestions are safer.At the same time, it is very important to maintain good living habits.

The above is the relevant information about what to do with high sugar tolerance during pregnancy.Sugar resistance is a very important test during pregnancy test. It is a test of some professional diseases. These diseases are also the amount of mothers who do not want to happen to their children. ThereforeNote that to ensure the accuracy of your pregnancy test value.

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