What to do if Xiaosan pregnancy insists on giving birth [proper practice]

What should I do if Xiaosan’s pregnancy insists on giving birth? Originally, if you derailed, you want to seek excitement. Who knows that Xiao San is pregnant and insists on giving birth to your child, then it is troublesome. You must deal with it.Family and Primary Three that hurt your own.And what is the child who wants to have this child, is there no in the heart of a derailed man? In addition, can the child born of his mother’s tools be happy?

If the third party has given birth to a child, how to deal with the original match needs to be determined according to the specific situation:

1. If the original match does not want to divorce, you can communicate with the man with a sincere attitude, guide the man and the third party to break the relationship, and contact the third party to communicate and pay for the support.Your husband negotiates, holding the child over and raising it by you, and giving Xiao Sanyi money, so that he will not entangle and dispel his wishful abacus.

2. If the original match wants to divorce, he can agree with the man to divorce or divorce the lawsuit. The man derailment requires more property or compensation to strive for his rights and interests.

According to the law:

One of the following situations, which leads to divorce, has the right to request damage compensation:

(1) Dry;

(2) Live with others;

(3) Implement home violence;

(4) Abuse and abandon family members;

(5) There are other major faults.

If a husband and wife ask for divorce, the relevant organization can mediate or file a divorce lawsuit directly to the people’s court.

The people’s court should be mediate for a divorce case;

If the relationship is indeed broken and the mediation is invalid, divorce should be allowed.

If one of the following situations, if the mediation is invalid, the divorce shall be allowed:

(1) Drying or living with others;

(2) Implementing family violence or abuse or abandon family members;

(3) Evil habits such as gambling, drug abuse are repeatedly taught;

(4) For two years due to emotional discord;

(5) Other circumstances that lead to the rupture of the relationship between husband and wife.

If one party is declared missing, and the other party shall file a divorce lawsuit, divorce shall be allowed.

After the people’s court was judged that the divorce was not allowed, the two sides were separated for another year. If one of them filed a divorce lawsuit again, the divorce shall be allowed.

1. Keep calm

Adhere to calmness and calmness, and analyze whether the marriage will continue.The marriage of marriage is not compared to women’s injuries, but in any case, in this situation, women should be strong, calmly and calmly treat the reality of Xiaosan’s pregnancy and want to give birth to the child.First, analyze whether this marriage will continue from multiple viewpoints.At the top of the list, family elements.Marriage is not a child’s drama. It has now formed a family. The division is no longer a matter of two people. It is related to a whole family or even multiple families. Therefore, family elements are mainly considered on the issue of divorce or not.Second, husband’s emotions.If the husband is completely inclined to Primary Three and no longer loves this marriage, then as a woman, there is no need to be too attached, and you should throw your hands when you throw your hands.If otherwise, her husband regrets his behavior and shows that he wants to repent sincerely.And if you are willing to give him another opportunity, then you need to face the problem of Primary Three.

2. Analyze the interest relationship for Primary Three

Analyze the interests in the middle of the small three, and give the small three compensation.Of course, Xiaosan hates it, but at this moment, you must not arouse the resentment of Xiao San, and avoid the use of violence and the method of threatening to force Xiao San’s departure. This situation is a good countermeasure with Xiao San’s calmness and calmness.The hardship of a single mother, the situation of the child’s embarrassment in the future, and so on. As far as her, now the child is all her, so it is the most correct from the child.When Xiao San is slightly unstable, it may be disclosed that you and your husband are willing to give her compensation for her compensation, let her see your sincerity, trigger the good thoughts in the heart, and then recover the opinions of the child, and exit your youth.marriage.Before Xiao San killed the child, you must follow up at any time to avoid her regret, arrange everything for her, and even take care of her. Try to avoid letting your husband intervene as much as possible.Her husband changed his opinion in coexistence.

3. Forgive husband

It has been decided to forgive the derailment of her husband.

Forgive the other party, it is equivalent to treating yourself kindly, do you want to divorce? If you don’t want to, then you can only forgive. If you forgive it, you can’t forgive it.It will only make him annoying, but it is actually prompting him again, and if you want him to forget it completely, then it is best not to mention it again, you do n’t mention his guilt.If you can’t help but do it? Then I tell you that you can’t help but bear it, otherwise you will find a local scolding loudly, or you will find a friend or a thought consultant to pour.

Xiao San is pregnant and wants to give birth to the child. Although the advantage of Primary Three has the advantage of Primary Three, his wife also has a magic weapon that Xiao San is too late: the good time of the past, the warm and comfortable home, the children together, the huge value you want to pay for divorce, etc.If none of these, it will be a bit difficult to save. At this moment, the assistance of the marriage consultant who has experienced is more correct.

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