What to do with anemia for pregnant women?Teach you three tricks!

For pregnant women, iron deficiency anemia will occur even if the diet is normal. The reason is that the demand for iron during pregnancy increases a lot. What is the fastest blood supplement for pregnant women.Today we are here to talk about pregnant women’s blood replenishment.

Pregnant women’s anemia mainly starts from two aspects: diet conditioning and iron supplement to improve pregnant women’s anemia.

1. Adjust your diet and strengthen iron supplement. During your pregnancy, you should ensure sufficient iron intake, such as iron -rich red lean meat, lamb, pork, beef, etc., animals’ liver and blood are high.And fish, eggs, etc.In addition to dark vegetables, such as kelp, black fungus, laver, can also eat more rapeseed and spinach.

2. Vegetables and fruits are rich in vitamin C, which can play a role in promoting iron absorption.It is necessary to eat more fruits and vegetables during anemia, such as cherry, kiwi, strawberries, grapes. It is best to supplement vitamin C in time after meals to increase the absorption of iron in meat foods.Green vegetables should be taken in an appropriate amount of intake per meal to ensure the supply of vitamin C in the body.

Anemia is found during the birth of pregnant mothers. To find out the cause of iron deficiency, it is corrected for the cause.For most of the iron deficiency anemia, normal dietary iron supplementation cannot meet the needs of pregnancy. It is recommended to supplement the iron-iron fate of the iron for pregnant women. In conjunction with the dietary iron, it can comprehensively improve the anemia.

Pay attention to some diets during pregnancy. Some foods will inhibit iron absorption. For example, common strong tea, milk and dairy products in life can inhibit iron absorption. During the food supplement, milk should be separated from food supplement for two hours.It is not advisable to drink after meals.Other foods that inhibit iron absorption also include grain bran.

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