What to do with newborns’ nasal congestion to help relieve nasal congestion

In life, newborns are particularly precious groups. So what do you know about some problems that appear in the newborn? What should I do if the newborns’ nasal congestion? I believe everyone wants to know it. Let ’s take a good look at the aboutThese are the cases.

Nasal congestion newborns how to do

Dredging the nasal cavity

First of all, it is necessary to clear the nasal cavity of the newborn. This is a very important step. Parents and friends can use a cotton swab to gently get out of the foreign body in the nasal cavity. If the secretions inside are very dry, you can apply a cotton swab dipped in water in water in water.In the baby’s nostrils.

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Hot compress

Parents can also use hot compresses, so that the mucous membranes in the nasal cavity and the quickly shrinking will make the nose unobstructed. I hope everyone can pay attention.

Change the baby’s body position

Corresponding to the baby’s nasal congestion, it can also be relieved by changing the baby’s posture. It is best to hold the baby vertically.

Acupuncture massage

You can massage your baby’s acupoints. Use your thumb and food to massage on the sides of the nose for a few minutes. When the baby’s nasal cavity has a hot feeling, it means that the nasal cavity is smooth.

Pay attention to indoor ventilation

It is necessary to ensure indoor ventilation so that the baby can breathe fresh air frequently, so that the baby can prevent the baby’s nasal congestion, so be sure to ventilate regularly.

Reasons for nasal congestion

1. Immune function: For newborn babies, they have not fully adapted to the environment outside the mother’s belly, poor resistance, and incomplete immune function.Once you don’t pay attention to keeping warm, it will be prone to cold diseases such as colds.

2. Physiological structural factors: The upper jaw and skull of the newborn baby are inaccurate, the nasal and nasal cavity is relatively short, the nasal cavity is scarce, the nasal mucosa is tender, and the blood vessels and lymph tissue are relatively abundant than adults. ThereforeEdema.

Once you encounter airflow with cold air and bacterial content, you can directly stimulate the nasopharynx, cause the blood vessel mucosa of the nasopharynx to be congested and swollen, and the nasal secretions increase and scab., Then reduce the inhalation of oxygen, the carbon dioxide excretion is blocked, resulting in nasal congestion.

3. Diseases: neonatal nasal congestion is common in upper respiratory infections.Colds can cause neonatal nasal congestion. Due to the congestion and swelling of the nasal mucosa during a cold, the nasal cavity endocrine increases, which often causes the nose to be inflexible.

Secondly, the diseases of the nasal cavity itself, such as nasal polyps, nasal septal bending, nasal foreign objects or tumors, can make the baby’s nasal congestion.In addition, some allergic reactions can also cause nasal congestion. Moms should pay attention to whether the baby has a cold after being exposed to allergens.

4. Drug factors: Some drugs can also cause congestion and swelling of the nasal mucosa and cause nasal congestion.For example, if the mother takes the blood pressure during pregnancy, the baby can immediately appear nasal congestion after birth, but it is a short -lived phenomenon, and the nose will return to normal exhaust soon soon.

Because newborn is often closed, it does not breathe with mouth, and nasal congestion will greatly affect newborns.After the baby’s nose is congested, it is generally irritable and crying. When eating milk, the nose and oral cavity are blocked at the same time, causing the sucking effect to be low or unable to suck at all. In severe cases, it will even have difficulty in breathing.Therefore, baby nasal congestion is not a small problem, and it should attract the attention of mothers.

Different from the abnormality of the nasal congestion

1. If the mother finds that the baby has a lot of nose, the color is clarified, or the noses are blocked by the nostril after drying, the baby can only breathe with his mouth. At this time, you may need to consider that the baby may have a cold.Relieve symptoms.

2. If the nose flowing out has odor, blood wire, and swelling of the nose, it may be a foreign body in the nose. Apply a cotton strip to clean up the baby’s nasal cavity in time.

3. The baby’s nasal congestion is long for a long time, and the drugs and physical methods have been invalid, which may be caused by the large body hypertrophy of the baby.You can ask the otolaryngologist for consultation.

Summary: The above is the situation of the newborn nasal congestion. I believe everyone has a certain understanding. In life, when this happens, everyone is better not to panic. You can take some methods to relieve it.Parents and friends can understand.

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