What to eat directly affects the baby’s picky eaters?There are many secrets of children’s picky eaters hidden in their parents

Many mothers complained that since the child adds supplementary food, he discovered the signs of his picky eaters.In the next growth process, some babies have embarked on the road of picky eaters without hesitation, and it is difficult to improve after the kindergarten.Picky eaters, is it the baby’s fault, or is there another reason?

Two days ago, friends gathering, the two mothers talked about the child’s picky eaters.They are very serious during pregnancy, and now the performance of children’s picky eaters is exactly the same.

Generally speaking, the symptoms of pregnancy vomiting will be alleviated for three to five months, and my two friends vomit from the head to the end, vomiting darkness.Since pregnancy, I have been vomiting. In the worst, I even drink saliva and vomit, and I do n’t know how much I have spit out. During the whole pregnancy, because of pregnancy, I constantly hospitalized infusion.Once you stand upright, you want to vomit; until the cesarean section surgery, he is still vomiting.Therefore, throughout pregnancy, I almost do n’t know what the meal is. It is a hungry every day, but I vomit when I eat it.

And their babies appeared for picky eaters when they were young. The child said that something did not want to eat. If the adult persuaded it to feed it, the child would immediately vomit it out. It was the real vomiting.In the face of this situation, adults can only follow the child’s wishes. He eats whatever he wants, and he dare not feed if he doesn’t eat anything.

Will the diet of pregnancy really affect the child’s picky eaters in the future?Some professional articles say this,

Mother’s partial and lactation partial eclipse also cause some children’s preference for certain foods.Because the taste of food can be passed to the child through milk or amniotic fluid.Others believe that children’s natural character traits will also affect their acceptance of new food.For example, children who like to try can always receive a new food, but they will also be prone to having new and hate the old; some children who are naturally sensitive and careful about new things will be more difficult to accept food.

In my opinion, these analysis may need more demonstrations at the scientific level.Whether pregnancy vomiting really leads to children’s picky eaters, and I have not found a clearer professional analysis.But as far as some of the current research results, what the child loves and does not like what to eat, it is really not the one he himself.The factors have been around him.Foreign literature lists the following factors related to children’s picky eaters.(This chart is taken from "Baby Baby Rolling Notes")

It can be said that in addition to the inevitable factors such as pregnancy, disease and other unavoidable factors, the reason for more children’s picky eaters is caused by the adults in family breeding in the day after tomorrow.Most of the time, some of the unconscious words and deeds of parents have become boosters for baby picky eaters.

1. Compulsion: the most invisible picky choice

"You have to give me this dish, otherwise you don’t want to play this again."

"Picky is not a good child, do you don’t want to be a good child?"

"If you don’t eat well anymore, I will never do it for you again."

Such "threats" will occur in many families.In fact, I am also myself. When the child sometimes does not eat well, picks up and picks up, and the fire of Wu Mingye will start to rush up. I can’t help but use a coercion to force the child to eat.And the effect is often bad, or occasionally works, and return to the original point next time.

Starting from children eating supplementary food, we can see their rapid development of self -consciousness. They like to choose themselves and do it by themselves. Some arrangements for adults are unwilling to obey.This is the normal phenomenon of people’s development and growth.Similarly, such autonomous consciousness will be reflected in the picky food.If we are hard to face with our children, they will feel disrespect and start confrontation with adults.On the surface, this is a picky problem. In fact, it is an inner battle for who competes for.And adults always report the psychology of "I’m good for you", thinking that he should be the leader of course; the problem is that the child does not think so. He believes that eating is heHe wants to be respected.As for things like nutrition and good habits, where do babies know? In the face of these avenue, he cares more about his own dominance.

2. Adults partial eclipse: terrible "example" role

Some moms and dads are partial to eat.When the child eats with your parents for a long time, you will definitely find your secrets, and the child will imitate it.Some adults will say that it is an excuse for children’s picky eaters.I think this is either an excuse or one of the real reasons.Any living habits of parents will affect their children. This is why children in each family have different words and deeds, living habits, and children’s words and deeds with the brand’s imprint.

3. Snacks: Natural killers who eat well

If the child puts a lot of snacks in his stomach before eating, he will definitely pick and pick it, because he is not hungry.Another situation is that children usually eat more snacks and develop their habits. Even if they are hungry, they will first think of snacks and remember snacks when they eat.Therefore, the problem of picky food may be outside the dinner.The child’s diet is a whole. The snack part is not controlled, which will definitely affect his concentration and preference for eating.

4. Always do the children alone: special treatment to give birth to picky eaters

If it is a baby who is still eating supplementary food, it is necessary to do it alone, but if it is already a big baby over 2 years old, it is unnecessary.Doing alone means that you will refer to the baby’s preference. It must be what he likes, and even when the baby wants to eat, do not eat with adults, disrupt the normal time arrangement of three meals a day.It will give children a natural opportunity to create natural opportunities.

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