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The origin of the production safety month

The "Safety Month" event in the 1980s

In April 1980, the State Council approved the establishment of a "safety month" system. It was decided to start from the "National Safety Month" in May each year. It carried out safety activities in the country, organized safety inspections, and carried out national safety publicity and education.On November 26, 1984, the State Council approved the "National Safety Month" leadership group "Report on the Safety Month and Future Opinions" and agreed to the suggestions of the establishment of the National Safety Production Commission proposed by the Report.

After carrying out the "National Safety Month" activity for 5 consecutive years, on April 26, 1985, the National Safety Production Commission issued the "Notice on Carrying out Safety Activities", which clearly will no longer engage in the national "safe month" activity, but each of them will not be carried out, but each willRegional and various departments should start from their respective actual situations, and organize various forms of safety production publicity and education and mass activities in the region and industry.

11 "Safety Production Week" activity starting in 1991

In 1991, the National Safety Production Commission decided to carry out the "Safety Production Week" event in May each year. This event continued until 2001 and carried out 11 times.

The national "Safety Production Month" is re -established

From 2002, the 11th "Safety Production Week" was changed to "Safety Production Month" in a row, which changed from May each year to June each year."Line" activity.

Sales of production safety month

Safety production month theme over the years

year 2002

The first safety production month theme: safety responsibility is more important than Taishan

Year 2003

The second theme of production safety monthly: implementation of safety production legal personnel insurance safety

year 2004

The third safety production month theme: people -oriented safety first first


The fourth safety production month theme: compliance with the law and law to care for life

year 2006

Fifth Safety Production Month theme: Safety Development Guotai Min’an


The sixth theme of the sixth safety production month: comprehensive governance guarantee Ping An

Year 2008

The seventh safety production month theme: governance hidden dangers and prevention accidents

Year 2009

The eighth safety production month theme: caring for life and safety development

year 2010

Ninth Safety Production Month theme: Safety Development Prevention, mainly

year 2011

Tenth Safety Production Month theme: Safety responsibility focuses on implementation


Eleventh Safety Production Month theme: Scientific Development and Safety Development

year 2013

Twelfth Safety Production Month theme: Strengthen the foundation of safety and promote safety development

Year 2014

The thirteenth production safety month theme: strengthen the red line consciousness to promote safe development


The fourteenth safety production month theme: Strengthen the safety of the rule of law to ensure safety production


The 15th theme of the 15th production safety: strengthen the concept of safety development and improve the quality of safety


16th theme of the 16th production safety: comprehensively implement the main responsibility of enterprise safety production


Seventeen Safety Production Month theme: Life first safe development


The eighteenth safety production month theme: risk prevention and hidden dangers curb accidents


Nineteenth Safety Production Month theme: Eliminate the hidden dangers of the accident to build a safety defense line


Twenty -theme monthly production safety: Implement safety responsibility to promote the development of safety


Twenty -one Safety Production Month theme: Comply with the safety production law as the first responsible person

Review of wonderful activities over the years

The National "Safety Production Month" event in 2022

The National "Safety Production Month" event in 2021

National "Safety Production Month" event in 2020

2019 National "Safety Production Month" event

As a national safety production publicity and education activity, from 2002 to 2023, the national "Safety Production Month" activity used for 22 years, spreading the concept of safety development, building a sense of safety awareness, improving the safety of the whole people, strengthening the quality of the whole people, strengtheningSafety skills training plays an important role.

Deep cultivation as security, gather forces to start again!

With the joint efforts of the emergency management department, the national emergency system, the relevant units of all relevant units, and the extensive support of all sectors of society, the production safety monthly activities will further assemble the strength of all parties to create a strong security atmosphere in the whole society.The concept of supremacy is passed on to thousands of households, and it plays a positive role in continuous stability and improvement of the national production safety situation!

"Everyone talks about safety and emergency" national "Safety Production Month" event in 2023 is about to start. Looking forward to your participation!

Transfer: Propaganda Education Center of Emergency Management Department

Source: Daxing Micro Union

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